Life, photos but not the universe

Champagne and drizzle

The year started well with explosions, a bonfire and lanterns drifting into the sky.

There was champagne and food as well and what’s more, by dint of grabbing our share before anyone else (except the small children) got a look in we actually got to try all of it before the locusts finished off the rest.  (It’s a curious thing but most of our friends are in fact locusts, heavily disguised as people ^~^.  It’s nice to have so many friends).  A very good and bright beginning for 2011.

On Friday, Barney set off in drizzle, returned after a deluge and then set off again when the sky brightened a little.  As soon as he’d gone it gloomed again and then it became misty with fine drizzle.  But today the sun came out for quite a long time and being able to find my way round the house again (It can be incredibly gloomy in winter) I decided to do a bit of a sort out upstairs.  Well really, to sort out the heaps of clothes.  But I was distracted by little piles of jewelery and dust and crumpled scarves. Much more satisfying to deal with because they all have places in which to go and will look nice and cheerful when done.  And because I am a magpie* and love to play with bright glittery things.  So I was busy folding scarves (I have a splendid collection of  many coloured silks and cottons and a few saris which are just lovely to handle) and I noticed a car arriving.

Nice – visitors.  Nice visitors too it turned out.  A couple who got to know each other on Flickr through Mrs Middle’s photos and in a roundabout way, through us.  Very sadly they will shortly be leaving the country to live in Luxemburg and though we will undoubtedly keep in touch we will miss them sorely.  However, they hadn’t just dropped in for a chat about that – Oh no!  It turns out they had been shopping for an engagement ring!**  Wow!  What lovely news.  We are very happy and honoured to be among the first to know and as it happened there was at least one bottle of champagne left over from NYE.  It was a rather merry afternoon : )

Later, after finishing the sorting of scarves and jewellery, I sorted out some unlabelled albums on Barney’s itunes library which was not only very clever of me but also quite satisfying.  Altogether I feel that quite a lot of things have slipped into good places. And tomorrow it promises to be sunny.

2011 is doing well.

Hope you are too.


*All those locusts should watch out.

**and for those who are interested in this kind of thing, a very beautiful one : )

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  1. I mulled fondly over the mention of champagne until my eye rolling along the first line came to rest on ‘dint’. Now there’s a word I shall make it my purpose to use to the full in 2011. We had a trial run at Christmas with ‘Heat was in the very sod [no tittering at the back] where the snow lay dinted’. And you had plenty of snow to dint, it seems, dint you?

    We’ve had two bottles of ‘mulled’ wine in the larder for two years now. Somehow, it never gets drunk, perhaps because it needs to be decanted and warmed up and no one can be bothered.

    I’ve always wondered why Wenceslaus’s snow was dinted and if dinted is actually different from dented or if it was just a typo. Also, why he looked out las’. If he’d looked out earlier he might not have had to make the journey in the snow and waste all that heat in his dints.

    Comment by Christopher | January 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. What the heck is ‘dint’?! *laughing*
    I shall endeavour to find out.

    In the meantime….omgosh what gorgeous photos of the grands. And can I borrow that tree for ooky spooky night, please….it’s perfect!

    What a wonderful time, well captured. And how brilliant were those lanterns! Imagine they’re ‘disallowed’ around these parts, but I’ll find out for sure. Wow….way cool……

    Congratulations to the newly engaged–and to you for a job well done on the clearing up of all things scarvey and glittery.

    Oh I hope you are allowed the lanterns Mel. I forgot to mention that me and the Babes wrote messages and dedications on them and one was signed by all the guests. Like lighting candles in church : )
    The old apple tree is the best possible in spookiness isn’t it?
    Oh and I had to look dint up myself. I knew how to use it in context but had no idea if I was really saying what I meant!

    Comment by Mel | January 10, 2011 | Reply

  3. (-:


    so glad you had better luck with the lanterns that I did on the beach in Polzeath on Mini-Teen’s 13th birthday. . . (not good, for lanterns, a very windy beach!!)

    lovely photos!!!!

    how sweet about the engagement. . .



    They are quite hypersensitive about the prevailing weather conditions aren’t they Inukshuk. We tried to send one off when we were on a canal holiday once and after taking forever to light and threatening not to rise at all, it threw itself straight into the canal and floated away, guttering out. But when they do work they are wonderful!
    : )

    Comment by english inukshuk | January 11, 2011 | Reply

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