Life, photos but not the universe

Watcha get for Christmas then? (Last year : )

I got some snuggly slipper boots and a thermal baselayer and a photojojo token and an album full of photos of NGB and a set of herb pots and a Gertrude Jekyll rose and a very warm fleece  jacket,  Oh and an envelope with Universal Tokens in it and a whole lot of love.

Guess what was best : )

Boxing day at Youngest’s was predictably exciting, delicious, merry and cuddly.  Also very very exhausting!  Grandma fell asleep on the sofa while games were being organised and then panicked a lot when they were being played.  Grandad didn’t actually fall asleep but became suddenly ready-to-go-home-now at about 8 oclock.

The turkey was simply wonderfully cooked (even though Grandma and Grandad were an hour late, due to a midnight conversation on Christmas Day between Mr Youngest and Grandad in which it was suggested that dinner would probably be at about 6pm rather than 3pm which was was Youngest’s plan, or 4pm which was what happened).

There were smoked salmon towers, stuffed with something delicious, turkey with all the trimmings and then some and Christmas pudding icecream.  I think there would have been cheese with madeira wine but we were all so completely stuffed that it fell by the wayside – though who knows, it may have come out later when we were gone.

Meanwhile, the three Gorgeous Grandbabes and New gorgeous Babe were utterly delightful.  Youngest Youngest who has been a bit of a small male handful up until recently, was absolutely charming and very funny (he’s seven) and I can see that in a year or ten, Mums will be torn between locking up their daughters and making a play for him themselves.

As for the two girls, they were as beautiful, clever and cuddly as ever.  It’s a tribute to both Mr and Mrs Youngest that we are unable to distinguish in affection or enjoyment between Youngest’s own Gorgeous Babe and the two that came with Mr Youngest.  Of course, we have special grandparently memories with Gorgeous Babe and that’s as it should be but the other two treat their Step Grandparents with as much affection and respect as anyone could wish for.

Now New Year’s Eve is hurtling towards us at the speed of traffic jams.  At this moment I am procrastinating for all I’m worth – I have to go and shop!  Yesterday, Eldest and I went to Reading and spent a good two hours in stationary traffic – hoping to get into that exciting shopping frenzy before the shops closed!  We made it – and it was quite fun : )


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  1. what a lovely family gathering, what a wonderful family



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