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On the subject of warmth

Very dear to my heart that.  And currently not much of it around.

Anyway, a demand for urgent washing of thermal underwear today led to the discovery that himself (who works on roofs in all weathers) has only one set of thermals!  I suppose I should have noticed before but I’ve been more concerned with my own thermals recently.  So I hastened, (virtually) to investigate good old Damart and having discovered that they still supply thermolactyl mens’ underwear after all these years (yes, his one set is as old as that) I found myself drawn to the female side of the catalogue.  Thermolactyl vests and tops and all that.  Loverly!  Looks as though they’ve kept the same old photos of the same old models too.  Well they probably weren’t old when the catalogue was made but I sort of feel that they might be now.  And then I discovered that they sell something called a ‘boiled wool’ jacket.  I have to say it doesn’t sound very, well, very feminine, does it?  Somehow suggests wet sheep and steam rather than cosy warmth and comfort.

Oh well that’s Damart for you.  Thermolactyl and wet sheep and no pretence of glamour.   But practically vintage.

Still, even without thermals, I was tempted to go out in the frost the other day.  It took all day for the temptation to win over the common sense idea of staying in and keeping warm but I’m quite pleased that I did go out in the end.

And just in time to catch a nice sunset : )

Keep warm won’t you.

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  1. Oh.MY.Gosh.

    What a spectacular photo with it’s colours.

    *chuckling* You did that so we’d forget all that talk about thermals and underthings.

    (of course it’s all about mememe….LOLOL)

    And you with snow around Mel? I wouldn’t want you to forget anything important like those er, warm, um, thingies : )

    Comment by Mel | December 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. thata is exquisitely beautiful! (I’m referring to the photo, not the Daymart catalogue)

    I too am now in thermals – only M&S, but the patterns are kind of pretty, so I wear them almost as real clothes. . . I bought Patrick (Teen Too) a thermal vest the other day, for his rowing, and he wore it TEN DAYS RUNNING. . . I suppose I should have popped up to his room after lights out and wrestled around on the floor trying to find it and take it for the laundry, but I go to bed earlier than he does. . .

    . . .obviously, I have now bought him a second one

    if only he’d liked the Sponge Bob Square Pants pj trousers I got for his birthday as much! (damn that I threw the receipt out!!)

    hope you are cosy and toasty and comfy

    lots of love


    (and so looking forward to more frosty photos!)

    Ten days! That’s boys for you : ) And isn’t it funny what they refuse to wear. I spent hours searching for an absolutely plain black wool scarf for a niece the other day. No frills, fringes or patterns allowed and no silk or soft cotton or anything like that. And not grey as she and her Mum had got one of those for her friend.

    Comment by english inukshuk | December 12, 2010 | Reply

  3. Frost? I wish all we had was frost. It’s a full blown winter blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow, (How do you measure that in your world?), and now the temperatures are dropping out of site. I know there is a time when the Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same. We will be 16 below zero Fahrenheit by tonight.
    I have three sets of thermals, all Patagonia except for one Smartwool, (Marino wool). I look quite sexy in them as I’ve been told by Mrs. Spadoman.
    Oh, and they still haven’t installed the new furnace yet. They say Monday, but it will be really really cold, so maybe they won’t. I sound like you did last year at this time when you werer waiting for your new furnace!
    Hang in there, it will be over soon.


    Oh I do feel your cold ‘Man! And I really hope they install your furnace quickly and I’m glad to hear you’re well supplied with thermals! Wool is the best, they told us in Lapland.
    So I had to look up the temperature conversions. We used to use the Fahrenheit scale and it’s so weird. I was quite relieved when we went over to Celsius where 0 is freezing and 100 is boiling. (I think? as long as you’re boiling freshwater at sea level and I suppose the same for freezing?)
    -16F is -26.6 C! It was only -23 when we went to Lapland last year and that was pretty damn cold! Aha! And -40 C is -40 F
    Anyway, you hang in there too : ) Got my fingers crossed for your boiler to be installed tomorrow : )

    Comment by Spadoman | December 12, 2010 | Reply

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