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Partying the night away

The much prepared for birthday party has been and gone and it was FABULOUS!!!

Not only did my lovely girls come with New Gorgeous Babe and both delightful husbands, (But sadly not the older grandchildren who were all with their other parents) but also Eldest and the beautiful Marmite.  As Eldest had assured me he would be out of the country on the day of the party this was a wonderful and carefully contrived surprise.   Other unexpected friends arrived and and were lovely plus nearly all the expected ones.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the food (prepared by Youngest and Barney in a hurricane of steamy and occasionally smoky kitchen activity) was brilliant.  We rather thought we had overestimated the amount needed, especially as quite a few people couldn’t escape from their snow-bound parts of the country but nearly everything disappeared with astonishing speed.  I managed to eat a bit of nearly everything myself  (difficult, as I was talking and drinking a lot).

I chickened out of playing a violin duet with Youngest at first as I’d had perhaps a little too much to drink by the time the guests arrived but several drinks and hours later, when some of the guests started playing blues and folk we sort of joined in without caring too much how it might sound and then fired by the general merriment, played our duet (a very easy and well known Baroque tune by a composer of whom I’ve never heard otherwise– Rathgeber?) with fine abandon and to rousing applause.  Well deserved, of course : )!

There was a lot of hugging.  Well I gave and received a lot of hugs anyway.

And the next morning there was an enormous breakfast (this time Barney definitely had overestimated, by about ten slices of bacon, a heap of potatoes and black pudding and at least three eggs worth of scramble.

New Gorgeous Babe gave me a birthday present of chuckles.  Her first full on and repeated chuckling.  I was honoured but unable to behave in a suitably respectful way as the chuckling was highly infectious and I was streaming with tears of laughter.

Now they have all gone and we are gradually returning to sobriety, normality and freezing fog.  There will be blurry photos.

Oh look!  There they are!  Mostly from before and after the actual party – it was a question of eat, drink and be merry or take photos and I made the easier choice.  I was very merry : )

And today, Mr Treasure escaped from his snowbound condition and turned up to fix my computer which he has done,  (as far as one can tell – you never can tell of course with computers) and it’s working again.

Tonight I shall attempt to catch up with you all!  Amazing how much one misses in a couple of days or five!  And I have been missing you all.


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  1. Could we possibly have heard it from here, or was it merely the tinkling laughter and glass-clinking of the stars and the music of the spheres heralding the new era?

    Seems you had a good time worthy of the occasion!

    Oh you’re a poet Christopher!
    I reckon it was the stars, I’m sure I heard some out there laughing just before I fell into bed : )

    Comment by Christopher | December 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to youuUUUUuuuuuu!!!!

    (can’t have too many of those, I’m thinkin’)
    (nor can you have too many giggles that make you laugh so hard you’re crying!)

    YEAH you’re fixed and up and working and running and…..YEAH!!!!!!
    I was hopeful that was the case when you visited–but one never knows!

    Oh, they done GOOD! (and I’m really glad for eldest’s surprise–that was wayyyy cool!)

    Coolest possible Mel : ) Me, grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the night – even in my sleep!
    And there were the gigggles too.
    And thank you : )

    Comment by Mel | December 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. FABULOUS!!!

    it sounds totally brilliant – expeically the chuckling babe, the food the food the food, the appearing son and the musical friends

    I’m so gald you had such a ball!



    Thank you dear Inukshuk. ((((((((((((((Inukshuk)))))))))))))

    Comment by english inukshuk | December 10, 2010 | Reply

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