Life, photos but not the universe

Another year begins

I’m happy to be able to say that the arrival of myself in this momentous year appears to have wrought no changes at all.

Body unaltered by the passage of a year, mind still mostly absent, computer still broke, pension not available (till March????), house still untidy and netbook flat.

Oh but the children took me out to dinner and gave me a tiddly camera with which I shall be able to take pictures in company almost un-noticeably (no need for a huge camera bag, it will fit in my handbag and it’s a rather striking  metallic blue : ) Nice!)

And of course there were the wolves 🙂 (but I can’t look at them any more unless I try connecting the photo hard drive to the netbook.  Have to think about that.

Oops!  Net book says shut down and recharge the battery now or you may lose data!  Got to go!

Returning a couple of days and a number of frustrations later I shall just add that those nice people at Eclipse are wonderful! For three days I got ‘web page unavailable‘ whatever I typed in and today I rang support and hey presto, a few clear and simple instructions later, I’m back.  Mr Treasure has vanished off the face of the Earth, (to Bexhill apparently, where he’s snowed in).  He says I’m first on his list when he gets back.  But hey!  I have netbook.

Anyway, since I last saw the www, we have had a party, of which more later, and it’s been cold, then wet and now foggy and frosty.  I’m torn.  Shall I stay in and keep warm (ish) or shall I go out with a (which?) camera and get cold?  Perhaps with all three cameras?  Or shall I do some clearing up?  Oh decisions decisions!

It seems that NGB likes the new camera : )

Oh, Oops again.  Recharge.  Mr Treasure told me don’t keep the netbook plugged into the mains when you’re using it as it burns out the battery.  I think he means when it’s charged up but just in case I now turn it all off and keep charging separate from using.   So I’ll do that.

Ooh!  It’s nice to be back : )


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  1. Oh, LOOK at those bright, dancing eyes! Methinks she likes UP! I’m sure the world looks entirely different from that angle. (as it does when one is DOWN–which would be a pleasant change, come to think of it….makes me wanna take a nap….)

    I’m ever so glad there’s a plan b/c for you in the event of the silly ‘puter going upsidedown. I get to feeling pretty lost when it’s just about the server having issues. On the other hand, I DO get bunches of stuff tended to while I frown and check the modem(s). Silly–but true.

    It’s been a bunch of decisions around this place–go out in the snow/don’t go out in the snow, etc… But there’s never a question about taking the camera. And since I have one, there’s no question about that! (what a cool prezzie!)

    Oh, and what bright dancing eyes AND cute tights! 🙂

    She’s a very merry little person Mel : )
    And I certainly got a whole lot of stuff done while I was waiting for computer to start happening again! It’s an ill wind as they say : )

    Comment by Mel | December 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. just think how fab it will be in March, when you get a huge lump sun of backdated pension!

    glad you had a lovely celebration. . . such a little cutie! (the baby, not the camera)(or both!)


    lots of birthday hugs cuddles and kisses

    Jacqueline x

    Oh but I won’t Jacqueline! They’re gradually changing the pensionable age for women to make us equal with men! I’m lucky I’m only losing a few months.
    Hugs cuddles and kisses to you too – BIG ones.

    Comment by english inukshuk | December 8, 2010 | Reply

    • oh


      oh well!


      (just came back for a few more b’day cuddles!)

      xxx Cuddles : )

      Comment by english inukshuk | December 10, 2010 | Reply

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