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Books boats and b,b,b no, I can’t think of a word for camera that begins with B

Having just been diverted immensely by the 100 books list on English Inukshuk’s blog I am happy to be able to announce that I’ve just finished another book about which to rave.  The recent discoveries of Barbara Kingsolver and Patrick Gale have made me hungry for big, intense, rich novels and Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel has turned out to be one of them.  I didn’t start reading it for a while as I’d heard a couple of friends saying it was a bit long and confusing but by the end of the first page I sort of noticed, in passing,  that I was going to have some difficulty in putting  it down.

One might imagine that Henry the Eighth and all his works and court and machinations had been done to death in literature, film and TV by now.  Wrong.   Wolf Hall is a completely new view from that skulking monster we’ve seen in other histories; Thomas Cromwell.  I’m torn now, because she’s writing a sequel and I don’t want to read about his tragic end because I like him but I really want to read more of the character she’s created out of the scanty information on his personality.  And I really want to step back into that intimate, vivid world she’s made where history behaves like real people.

Meanwhile, preparations for a party, about which I know nothing except that when it happens I shall be quite old, include me cleaning and tidying the house.  You might think I do this a lot since I mention it whenever I do it.  The clue is that I do in fact mention it every time I do it. What?  Half a dozen times in the last two years.

Ah well.

Mymamiya (the new/old film camera) works.  I’ve had the first film back.  The photos weren’t anything to write home about but I’m learning.  Definitely worth starting a second film (especially as the nice guys in the camera shop sold me a pack of three).

And a while ago, I mentioned some big news.  We have become the owners of one 12th of a narrow boat!  It’s been one of Barney’s dreams for years to have our own boat but they normally cost almost as much as a small house so it just hasn’t been possible. Thanks to Barney’s Dad’s house being sold coinciding with the offer of a share coming up we could do this without beggaring ourselves and now we’ve done it!  So we get four weeks use of the boat annually and at least one off season week extra.  Now struggling with the complex booking arrangements when 12 people are involved but I feel quite sure we will manage to sort it out : ) Somehow.

This is close to where it’s moored.

We went there a couple of years ago on holiday.  I think I could just about cope with another few visits

: )

Got to go and clean out the bedrooms now.

Well, maybe one of the bedrooms?

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  1. Sounds really good – congratulations! Watch out for toads disguised as washerwomen trying to hitch a ride!

    Thank you, we will Christopher – though I suppose we might possibly recognise such a character?

    Comment by Christopher | November 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Wolf Hall? really! I shall remember that next time I’m near a bookshop


    and a narrow boat ownership – cool!!

    and I have a couple of b words for you: brilliant and beautiful!

    : )

    Comment by english inukshuk | November 25, 2010 | Reply

  3. I was going for bold, bright and beautiful. *shrugs* But I’m good with brilliant!
    And boat owner!
    Oh yeah, you’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

    What’s the ‘off season’?
    4 weeks….Yup–brilliant works!

    I’m very happy with all these Bs Mel : )
    Off season is any time no-one in their right minds would go out on a boat, like February when the canal’s frozen.
    So what’s to stop us just spending a week in one place enjoying the woodburning stove and the daily wonder of waking up on water? Or ice!

    Comment by Mel | November 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. Oh that book sounds great! The last book I read was.. embarrassingly.. The Twighlight Saga! … OF COURSE that was only to enable me to bond with my youngest daughter.. yes that was it.. Good luck with the camera.. I couldn’t figure out how to load the old M camera I found of my dad’s!

    Oh I did the same with the first three Harry Potter books Betty. The girls couldn’t understand why I stopped there though so it probably didn’t quite work out as planned : )
    I got the camera loaded ok but it’s taking quite a while to understand how the lenses work. Lots of blurry photos!

    Comment by Betty | November 26, 2010 | Reply

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