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Potato race

I’m not very good at catching though I have been known to snatch a flying object out of the air with unexpected accuracy, causng various people to gasp in astonishment.  Such are the advantages of  being an underachiever in the catching arena.

However, due to a youth, mispent some might say, hurling myself and a small, shaggy pony around Dartmoor and at gymkhanas, I am very good at throwing potatoes (and other objects, like clothes pegs) into small containers on the ground.  So I feel that I have a good relationship with potatoes.  Certainly I like eating them.  And cooking them.

So today, I thought I’d give Barney a treat, since he’s been so good about cooking nice things for me while I was living in two places almost at once – very stressful that.  We’re both very fond of  Pommes Dauphinoise so I thought  chicken legs baked in lemon and thyme and roast squash with a bit of cumin and balsamic would go nicely with some of them lovely, creamy potatoes.  Only,  just after I’d got the potatoes in the oven and while I was waiting for the other oven to heat up, Barney came home and began to wonder about where a particular recipe for slow roast belly pork could be found.

I am quite unable to cook one meal while thinking about another and so now I have no idea how long the potatoes have been in the oven.  Further,  since two different temperatures are required, I was a bit confused about which oven which dish ought to go in and now I don’t know how long the chicken has been in either.

If we get a whole meal tonight, it will be quite impressive.  And I wonder when it might be ready and whether the potatoes or the chicken will be ready first?

I’ be hopeless on one of those cooking programmes.

Still, if it all goes pear shaped I’ll be able to hurl the potatoes into the rubbish bin from the far side of the kitchen as I rush past, uttering curses and imprecations.  (If things really did go pear shaped that would be quite unusual and surprising and the expression is one of those delights of the ever changing and expanding language which we speak)

At various times during the last week or three, the sun has shone and I have taken time out to amble around the woods which was pleasant and delightful.  If a little damp in places

I also discovered the B&W filter in photoshop.  So, a faux Infra Red filter.

light and shade in Snelsmore Common

And a secret window

And what’s more, the potatoes were scrummy and so was the pork roast.


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  1. and now I’m thinking of apple sauce!!!!

    I so miss a good Sunday roast – I don’t do them anymore

    I shall now depart in a reverie of pork and apple sauce, mint sauce and lamb, beef and yorkshire puds and chicken with crispy sage and onion stuffing on the side


    (thanks for the inspiration!!)


    If you bake some pork chops with a bit of garlic and some cored and quartered apple and maybe the odd potato and any other veg you fancy (Fennel is heavenly) all in one roasting tin, you end up with a roast pork chop dinner with apple sauce included. I put cider in the bottom too and peel off the skin and crackle it above the pork. It’s a million times easier than a proper roast!

    Comment by english inukshuk | October 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’m just thinking about what a gorgeous piece of the world you get to wander around….

    I love the places you capture for us.

    *happy sigh*

    What a great piece of peace.

    It is lovely Mel and I’m very lucky. Of course a bit of reliable sunshine helps!

    Comment by Mel | October 11, 2010 | Reply

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