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Hunt the smelly man

On Saturday, the hunt passed by.

At this time of year they take out the new young hounds to get them trained ready for the full hunting season – they used to follow half grown fox cubs hence it was called cubbing.  Now that fox hunting is illegal, I assume they follow a man towing a smelly thing behind him.  (So do they now call it Autumn smelly manning?)

I missed the main event (which was noisy but short) but all kinds of things appeared in their wake, including a deer

and a hound that got lost and was following the trail backwards with misplaced enthusiasm, occasionally casting off in all directions after the scent of the deer and other interesting things that had passed by.  I expect he’ll be in for a ticking off when he finally catches up.

He ran through the garden at one point, giving every appearance of being busy and purposeful.  But wrong.

I had naively assumed that following the ban, hunts would have organised drag hunting to replace foxhunting.  However, illegal or not, it seems that fox hunting and cubbing continue, under the guise of using packs of hounds to flush foxes out of cover in order to shoot them, as a form of pest control.  So apparently it’s still a case of “The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable” as Oscar Wilde so beautifully expressed it.

The arguments for and against fox hunting are well known and perhaps about equally lacking in logic or common sense. However, it does seem wrong that a law should be passed and then flouted so casually and openly and with such appalling arrogance.  Also wrong and both cynical and hypocritical to create a law with such big loopholes that lawbreakers can easily get away with breaking it and which, as a result, is almost completely unenforceable.

Remember those cartoons which said “would you buy a car from this man?”  Well if he was a member of the local hunt, I wouldn’t.

And on that profound and gloomy note I shall say goodnight and retire to consider asses.  (As in the law is one – the kind with long ears and no sense, not the kind which look good in tight jeans)

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  1. I found myself yelling RUN LITTLE DEER….RUN!!!!! And rooting for the lost puppy who was happily trying–even if he was a bit attention deficit. Poor thing–maybe being ticked off the list as a good hound won’t be such a bad thing if it means more trots through gardens and fun adventures–and a good home where humans will just love him as is and it’s not about performance!
    You available? 😀

    JUST sayin’….

    And the deer got away, I’m sure.

    If it didn’t — LIE TO ME.


    I’m better now. LOL

    Oh definitely the deer got away Mel. The hunt is only interested in foxes and the young hounds are being trained to ignore all other game. That’s one of the aims of cubbing. Or ‘Autumn Hunting’ as it’s now called.

    Comment by Mel | October 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. I think the law was deliberately unenforceable. It was another case of attempting to please everyone, which always ends up satisfying nobody.

    Yes Christopher. Befuddling the Ass and pandering to the arrogant unspeakable on both sides. What a travesty. I don’t know why I imagined that respect for the law might have made a difference. Mutter mutter!

    Comment by Christopher | October 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. ALL asses look good in tight jeans! (Well, almost all).
    We do thiongs just like this in America. We must have learned them from the Brits. (Oh yeah, that’s right, we were founded on the same principles. They even used religious freedom as a carrot at one point, then pulled the carrot away when the Muslims gathered)
    NOTE: That was a political statement and is the property of Spadoman.
    This fox hunting tradition dates back a long time, just like the horse racing where the animals are drugged to the nth degree and called athletes. It’s all wrong, but I can tell you why it is perpetuated. It’s beacuse the rich like it so. Another thing we kept from the Brits, money trumps everything.
    Now, the tight jeaned asses please.


    Well to be fair ‘Man, I don’t think us Brits and Americans can keep all the credit for doing that kind of thing. Though I’m sure there must be one or two places in the world which don’t. Let me know if you find any : )

    Comment by Spadoman | October 7, 2010 | Reply

  4. such beautiful photos – look at all the shades of green

    and I love the outline of the deer, and the hound (who seems really sloppy, in a loveable kind of way – it’s not his fault after all, is it)

    just wonderful

    thank you!

    Thank you too dear Inukshuk. He is a bit sloppy floppy isn’t he (or she). I’m always impressed by how long they can go on running in that slightly disordered manner. They look like happy cartoon characters but they’re actually working hard. And I read somewhere that it’s a very poor lookout for hounds that don’t show some ability and persistence during the cubbing season. They make awful pets (large, energetic and undisciplined – a bit like teenagers) and need huge amounts of food and exercise so they’re very hard to re-home. So I hope this chap’s wanderings were a one off mistake!

    Comment by english inukshuk | October 9, 2010 | Reply

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