Life, photos but not the universe

Left to his own devices

is the title of a novel by Mary Gentle, one of my favourite authors.  However, I am referring to a completely different set of devices here.

The dog needs to go on a diet – he’s got fat while I was away – not pining for me then.

A number of areas need tidying and cleaning – no surprises there.

The butter dishes are all full of frozen-away Rogan Josh. Ok, curry for dinner tomorrow.

There’s a big heap of muddy laundry.  Oops and it’s raining.  Time to use the tumble dryer a lot.

Last weeks’s roast hasn’t been used for sandwiches so it’s reached it’s use-by date and I don’t know what to make with it*. (There’s a bit too much for soup)

A fair bit of other food needs to be quietly thrown away.

We’ve run out of potatoes and bread.

There’s a funny smell in the dishwasher (has he been washing old mice??)

There’s a small and useful glass bowl missing and a few bits of glass lurking on the kitchen floor.

A good number of kitchen items appear to have vanished.  I found the knife sharpener though, it’s fallen down the back of the boiler.  We will either have to move the dishwasher or obtain one of those long-handled pick-up grabbie things.

There’s an awful lot of tobacco and bread crumbs around my computer and the mouse has got hairy feet.

It’s funny how people who appear perfectly rational and competent are quite unable to remember where things go and how to work domestic machinery when left to their own devices for a few days.

So while my abandoned man was dropping stuff and losing stuff and filling stuff with the wrong things and generally being a mouse (Barney?  Mouse?  Hah!) I was disporting myself in the big city**.  (Well the small city really).  I bought beads and clothes to wear for for Old Gorgeous Babe’s 8th birthday party (cocktails and canapes no less!).  I bought more or less useful things for the kitchen and I bought books!  Borrowed some too.

I really ought to be doing some more useful things so I’ll have to leave photos till tomorrow.  Or soon anyway.

Sleep well.

*Pie filling, of course!

**This was a case of the cat being away playing while the mouse went to quizzes and dropped things a lot.


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  1. I’ll have you know I laughed–probably for the first time today–when I read this. And then I laughed again when I read it aloud to himself….and then he laughed.

    He also suggested making penicillin with the left over, past the ‘use by date’ roast beef.
    Pharmacutical companies make decent profits–I oughta know with the medication bills we have! LOL

    Welcome home!!
    Perhaps you can shave the furry footed mouse!
    And that quiet useful bowl….ummmm….I’m thinking not so useful anymore! :-/

    ((((((((((( Mig ))))))))))))

    Very very happy to have made you both laugh Mel. Though of course, neither of you two would have such tales to tell if one of you were away : )
    Now I must look into the properties and manufacturing processes of beef Penicillin. Could be I’m about to make my fortune!

    Comment by Mel | October 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. love the mouse with hairy feet!

    I wonder if the other half is even aware of what’s going on around them in those kind of situations! mind you, at least he tried – better than getting back to a pile of pizza boxes!

    hope you manage to find some time to have a sit down and a cuppa/ciggie, and that there’s not too much chasing about whilst you catch up


    Slightly sticky, hairy feet Inukshuk! But yes, much better than pizza boxes. At least all the inedible food was safely tucked away in the fridge : )

    Comment by english inukshuk | October 5, 2010 | Reply

  3. *recognises certain bachelor phenomena and shuffles round house furtively tidying before other half gets back*

    Good plan Christopher, though you do have the perfect excuse, just now, for not tidying.
    And to be fair, there’s usually a list of things I ought to have done when he’s away which cause me to do a good deal of furtive rushing about just before he comes back.

    Comment by Christopher | October 5, 2010 | Reply

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