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I didn’t know, until Inukshuk mentioned it, that there are Google Ads on my blog.

After some investigation it seems that sometimes there are and sometimes there aren’t.  (And I’ve never seen them on my computer but this could be a failure to notice or coincidentally, that I never look at it when they’re there)  So I did a bit of investigation and under ‘Cool free features on WordPress’  I discovered that they may place ads on my blog from time to time to gain financial support for the service they offer.  And that for a small yearly fee I can remove them!

You know, really I don’t think that is a cool feature.  But neither am I prepared to pay a small yearly fee.  So you may see an occasional Google ad on my blog.

My Mummy minding duty is drawing to a close.  Soon I shall be at home full time again.

Barney has been making delicious meals for me on my days off.  Indeed as I speak he’s experimenting with a recipe which we collected from a chef while on holiday.  The collection was via a waiter rather than from the chef himself and then scribbled hastily down by me in my notepad.  Also it was in June?  And, come to think of it, all I actually wrote down was the ingredients.

Well the recipe is for Buck Rarebit with Smoked Haddock and as you all probably know, buck rarebit is just Welsh rarebit with a poached egg on top.  An investigation into cooking buck rarebit confirmed this but also digressed into its nomenclature*.  It seems that Welsh, and Buck, rarebit(s) are actually pronounced Rabbit  (which actually I knew so quiz points to me) however, the Cookery Year and Gary Rhodes disagree about the spelling.  The Cookery Year asserts that it should be spelt Rabbit but Gary Rodes says there are two schools of thought.  One is that the dish was once called Welsh Rear bit because it was served after the dessert – at the rear of the meal.  The other, he says, is that it was always called Welsh Rabbit but no one knows why.  (After all what is Welsh about cheese and egg and what can it have to do with rabbits?)

Hmm.  Wikipedia has a lot to say about this** but I think the best bit is that Welsh Rabbit with tomato added is called Blushing Bunny.  Obviously.

And further, “According to the American satirist Ambrose Bierce, the continued use of rarebit was an attempt to rationalize the absence of rabbit, writing in his 1911 Devil’s Dictionary: “RAREBIT n. A Welsh rabbit, in the speech of the humorless, who point out that it is not a rabbit. To whom it may be solemnly explained that the comestible known as toad in the hole is really not a toad, and that ris de veau à la financière is not the smile of a calf prepared after the recipe of a she-banker.”

One of the problems we have with the dish is that neither of us has ever successfully poached an egg in water.  We’ve been told how to many times by many people and have been given a million useful tips but it never works.  Another problem is that Barney didn’t know how to poach the haddock and didn’t seem able to remember what I told him to do so it’s possible that the haddock will be scrambled and so might the egg.  Also, though I didn’t write this down in June, we’re pretty sure a Welsh rarebit needs an egg in the mixture quite independently of any poached, buck-making eggs on top.  And we forgot it!

In spite of my continuing stomach trouble (of which I will no doubt hear more later but you needn’t) I’m now ravenous what with the delicious smells and writing about all this lovely stuff.  So I hope it’s good!

Serious conversation here about whether another meal is due.

And here’s Peasemore Church, in between rain.

Got to go.  See you soon.

*I’d better check that I mean that before posting it.  It’s a good word don’t you think?

**I do love the way wikipedia gives you so much more information than you could ever need.***

***Well, sometimes I love it.

Update:  It was good : )


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  1. RABBIT?!
    You’re eating bunnies?!

    Ohhhhhhh…. *sniffle*

    Nevermind–it’s forgiven. I’m sure whatever himself concocted, it was wonderful. That’s always the case in this house! (mostly cuz it means I ain’t doing the cooking!)

    She’s still gorgeous, btw. And I think the stay could be extended if need be! ‘Specially if it means more baby snuggles and more yummy cookings by himself. (yes, it’s all about the snuggles and being out of the kitchen where I come from…..LOL)

    And nope–no ads. Quite the deal to get ’em put on the webblog for free but you have to pay to have ’em removed. LOL I’m gonna remember that tactic–could come in handy! 😉

    Ohhhhh….and tell me you got to wander about that church….omgosh it’s gorgeous…..

    Not Rabbit Mel (not this time anyway) It’s effectively cheese on toast. Why it’s called Welsh Rabbit is one of life’s little mysteries 🙂 And the end result of Himself’s efforts was delicious.
    Didn’t go in the church but have earmarked it for further visits. eanwhile, at least one more visit here is planned so more cuddles are definitely on the cards. Oops – right now as it happens! Mum showering, Grandma on cuddle duty : )

    Comment by Mel | September 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Never managed a poached egg either, no matter rotating the water, addition of vinegar or standing on one leg!
    But sounds very tasty especially a blushing buck 🙂

    LOL Linda. I haven’t tried one leg I might end up in the poacher. Perhaps a blushing buck is the missing utensil, er, ingredient, er, well whatever.

    Comment by Linda | September 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. I loved the blushing bunny too


    actually, reading this makes me think I’ll have some cheese on toast for lunch – so thank you for that!

    will you miss the gorgeous newborn when you’re done with your duties? will you miss Barnie cooking for you on your days off? do you have plans for your now free time!

    looking forward to hearing all about it (and seeing the photos)


    I think my plans are like your sewing machine plans Inukshuk! Too many and ambitious to actually carry out! But they definitely include visits!
    Well, yes I’ll miss her and also the lively conversations with Mr and Mrs Middle. But it’s always lovely to be home!!! Even if that means cooking and tidying our big house.

    Comment by english inukshuk | September 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. Can’t find any adverts, unless they’re advertising days of the week up there on the left. Once upon a time I could have been in the market for Sundays.

    Useful kind of day, Sunday. But it still gets a fair amount of advertising.

    Comment by Christopher | September 30, 2010 | Reply

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