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Sending my love to Swansea

So, here I am on the phone again, listening to musack-ack-ack-ack.

Today’s mission (which I did not want to accept ) was relatively simple.  Just to apply for a new car registration document because the car salvage company want it and we have lost it.  I was hoping to save us £25 but even as I explained, in a slightly garbled way to, er, the insurance company, what I was after, I realised that actually I’d misread the relevant bit of paperwork and will need to pay the £25 even if the car has already been destroyed.


I went and searched Barney’s files because I don’t believe it’s not in there somewhere but if it is, he’s well concealed it.

So so so.

I filled in the application form, (phoning various people on the way to get various information to which which I no longer have access as I no longer have the car in question) and finally got to the bottom of the page where I signed, as you do, to say I believed it to be the truth and all that.  And there, right at the end of the form, was a little extra request for the car’s mileage.  Plus an alarming note which said I wasn’t legally obliged to supply the current figure.  (My suspicious mind added, But if you don’t it may be held against you)

Sighing, I picked up the phone and worked my way through five or ten DVLA options and then got a surprisingly swift, human response.  I’ll put you through to someone else he said and someone else not only answered almost at once but seemed to know what I’d told the previous person (can it be that at Swansea, people actually speak to each other???).  As soon as I’d explained my query, he said, “don’t bother with all that.  I’ll just send you a copy of all the information you need which will be perfectly acceptable to the salvage company and no, there’s no charge”


: )


Really?  Wow!

Suddenly, I love the DVLA at Swansea.

On other subjects of love. NGB has shallow hip joints – quite common apparently with breech births.  As wearing double nappies and being kept with her legs arranged froggy fashion at all times hasn’t quite fixed this, she now has an interesting harness contraption which keeps her tiny legs in the appropriate position.  So she and Mrs Middle have had to learn a new feeding position which will accommodate all these legs.  It’s called the rugby ball position!


Life isn’t really simple even for babies.  (Rugby at three weeks!  Pretty demanding I think)

She’s still gorgeous though : )

A rose

on a wet afternoon

a golden evening

and a bright morning

And as for me, it’s time to go to bed.  (Off again early tomorrow for trips to important baby places)

Goodnight.  May your dreams be strewn with roses and all your phone calls be with people who understand what you need.


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  1. Awwwww…poor baby. (though this could be the beginnings of a great rugby career for her!) And poor mom–sheeeeshhhh.
    She’s adjust to the adjustments but good grief…..
    Maybe g’ma needs to help!!


    Gorgeous shots of the rose under different lighting! Don’t make me pick!

    (oh….and if YOU like Swansea–I like ’em too!)

    Take it while ya got it. I ain’t always that agreeable. LOLOLOL

    You can have all the roses Mel : )
    Adjustments are going well and NGB doesn’t seem to mind which way is up as long as there’s a nipple within reach.
    And don’t worry, Swansea is already a fading (but cheerful) memory.

    Comment by Mel | September 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. how wonderful that you’re getting so much time with NGB – hope her hips sort themselves out soon and that the new feeding position is comfortable for being fed from mother. . .

    . . .such a beautiful rose – I love the different lighting!

    hugs to all (and the DVLA, it seems!)


    I am having fun with NGB, thank you Lovely Inukshuk, and since I am spending most of my smoking time in a pocket handkerchief lawn with decking, next door’s rose (next door to Mr and Mrs Middle that is) is the most available interesting photo material. Hence the different lighting. There may be more!!
    xxxx and ((((((((((((Inukshuk)))))))))))))))

    Comment by an english inukshuk | September 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’ve really got nothing to say, but I wanted you to know that i stopped by. Hope all goes well with the baby and the feeding.
    Insurance companies are the most ruthless terrible corporations on the face of the earth, (right up there with bankers and lawyers), and dealing with the DVLMVDVRBLWAUH, whatever all those letters stand for, is worse, usually. Glad you found human voices and got answers.
    Peace to you.

    To you too ‘Man. I believe our UK insurance companies are doing their best to achieve the same kind of control over us as yours have had for years. Not much we can do about it really. Sometimes seems as if the only way to be free of them is the oriental way of desiring nothing.
    Occurs to me that possibly the oriental way developed as a result of some similar stress and conflicts in the civilisations that went before our western one!

    Comment by Spadoman | September 23, 2010 | Reply

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