Life, photos but not the universe

For those we leave behind

Even if only for a few days at  a time.

I did try to leave all the insurance people behind but regrettably, they followed me on the mobile phone and asked me baffling things while I was trying to immerse myself in small pink and wriggly stuff.

Meanwhile, at home, there have been cooking orgies going on!  Not that I’m complaining since I had a lovely meal waiting when I got home on Friday and another one made out of left overs yesterday.  Sadly there haven’t been any washing, drying or indeed washing-up orgies but that’s fine because I had some washing of my own to do.

And we have been to look at new cars.

Rain fell on us as we went car hunting.  It’s instructive to discover how decisive two wet people can suddenly become.  Comparisons and rejections were made and agreed swiftly.   Hovering salespeople were swept by and abandoned at high speed.  We went back to the first car we’d looked at.  And lo and behold it stopped raining and we took it out for a test drive and liked it.

And then, while Barney was dickering over prices and guarantees and stuff, my eye fell upon a Daimler lurking in the showroom.  Quickly picked up eye and refrained from climbing into Daimler and sitting on the back seat sucking my thumb.  Managed to say “Ooh look a Daimler!!”  without actually squeaking.  Didn’t rush into the showroom and pat it’s shiny flanks or perch on its running board or kiss its wrinkly bits.

Oooh!  Mmmm.

Not that we’d ever get one (at twenty grand – vintage price for a vintage car) but this took me back to the first car I remember as a child.  My Dad was a GP in Croyden at the time and I remember him buying the Daimler (not twenty grand then – or indeed any numbers of grands) and how we were all rather stunned with this palatial, leather clad (inside) gleaming (outside) creature.  It looked a lot like this (but I’m sure it had running boards).  It had personality and charm.  Kind of homely and comfortable but with a hint of not-very-ostentatious grandeur (which suited my Dad).  And an endearing wrinkly browed face (which I loved).  I’m not sure what, if anything, my Mum liked about it.  Perhaps she didn’t care?  Perhaps it had a big boot for when we went away?  Perhaps she didn’t like it?  I don’t think she often, if ever, drove the Daimler though certainly when the Daimler went to the big scrapyard in the sky, she drove the Vauxhalls.  (A Victor and a Cresta but not a Velox – didn’t they have nice, simple names back then : ).

It’s quite appropriate to be reminded of this as, while I was away, Barney discovered a box in the shed which is full of very old photos and letters.  Of these, more another time.

So it seems that we may become the owners of a shiny black car with electrically operated wing mirrors and a working remote key.  These are things I have been getting used to with the courteous car so I’m pleased about that. (No on/off button though.  Phew!)  It’s got quite a kick under the bonnet too, compared to what we’re used to and feels nice and solid.  On the other hand, it’s an estate which is bigger than I really wanted and therefore, looks just a tiny bit like a hearse.  Hmm.  Hats off please, when I pass by.

The most wonderful light.

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  1. coo-ee, nice cars. . . but I’m really more interested in the box of letters – I’ll be patient!

    glad you’re getting sorted on the car front

    that photo is amazing – totally amazing



    Well I do hope to sort them out soon I but patience may be required. It’s going to be nice to be allowed to smoke while I’m driving again. Courtesy is all very well but I prefer my own space on wheels!
    I’m glad you like the pic, the light was quite amazing : )

    Comment by an english inukshuk | September 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh wow….. I’m thinkin’ I’da petted the Daimler and oohhhed and ahhhhhed a bit myself. What a cool car! For that price–oughta be cool, huh?!

    Oh, but you’ve found a shiny hearse! 😉
    Good enough….LOL I have a silver ‘grocery getter’. LOL And I don’t get groceries!

    Beats me…but it’s far from the little red car I drove years back. Gets from point A to point B with no problem….I’m guessin’ that counts for something.

    And you gotta know I adored the rainbow–I appreciated the message it delivered to me this morning.

    (((((((((( Mig )))))))))))

    Very happy to have given you a good message Mel. Rainbows always good, right? And I guess a hearse can do grocery runs as well as any other four wheeler so I should be ok with it. As long as it runs, that’s the main thing.

    Comment by Mel | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. Those of us with hats will be pleased to doff them if the wave is appropriately regal…

    …the thought has just struck me that you may in fact be the Queen indulging in a little harmless make-believe to relieve the tedium of protocol, pomp and circumstance. I’m right, aren’t I? Go on, admit it, Ma’am!

    As a well known head of state is alleged to have said, “I cannot tell a lie” Sir. You may take that as you like.
    (It’s not true of course. We can tell a lie as well as any monarch but we choose not to let that become generally known and trust none of you will betray us)

    Comment by Christopher | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  4. ooo, for a minute there I thought you had cooking ORGES, which would be a much different thing than what you meant. But kind of cool, don’tcha think?

    Would be extremely cool ‘shot I’m sure. Oh, oops, got cut off there and now can’t remember what I found when I looked up Orges. A french town, a swiss area, a festival???
    Ah well. Blogging away from home can be an adventure all its own.

    Comment by Rimshot | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  5. P.S. the book selection has been changed from Hector & the Secrets of Love to Hector and the Search for Happiness: A Novel.

    Discussion will commence a week from Thursday. 🙂

    Aha! I wonder if Mrs Middle has a copy!

    Comment by Rimshot | September 13, 2010 | Reply

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