Life, photos but not the universe

No excuses for posting picture postcard pictures

Because the whole of Cornwall seems to be one big picture postcard.

First, I have to say, I can’t remember a more successful surprise.  If you read my last post you’ll know that a few days earlier Mr M had issued a general invitation to anyone who wanted to join him and Mrs M for dinner on his birthday in St Ives.  Since the pub crowd, of whom we are some, all live around Newbury, this would have involved a 250 mile journey.  Along with everyone else, we declined the offer.  But then we made secret plans to join them anyway.   Such fun!

We arrived at our B&B and phoned Mr and Mrs M on their mobile phones.   Neither of them answered and we sat in our little room, wondering if we would now have to search the whole of St Ives for them, on foot.  Then we tried the phone again and Mr M answered.  “Where are you?” said Barney. ” We’re in the Sloop Inn in St Ives” said Mr M, clearly imagining that we were in Newbury,  “and we’re about to go off and find somewhere for dinner” .   Barney chatted a bit more and said Happy Birthday and then added,”Oh, just stay where you are for five minutes”   “Why?” asks Mr M, puzzled.  “Oh because we’re just coming to join you” said  Barney airily.  Then laughed and said, “no not really.  It’s too far.  Have a lovely evening, see you when you get back”.

We then hurtled off down the steepest hill I’ve ever seen outside of the Lake district (fortunately a very short, steep hill) and found the Sloop Inn at the bottom and bounced in.

The Sloop Inn

Gobsmacked was the only word for it.  Mrs M was so happy and touched that we’d made the journey she practically burst into tears!  It was worth the four hour drive, the traffic jams and the return journey the next day just for that.

Then we had a lovely dinner together and drank quite a lot and later, Barney towed me up the very steep hill.

It turned out that the B&B we stayed at was two doors along from the one they were staying at.  So we got to see them again in the morning before going in search of Barbara Hepworth’s beautiful garden and then setting off homeward along the A30.

On the journeys we had several unscheduled stops,  twice for burnt out lorries, once for heavy traffic and once for an accident – not involving burnt lorries.  These were all blissfully uneventful as far as we were concerned.

Some things everyone ought to do in Cornwall:

Visit Sennan Cove.

Eat orange and Mascarpone ice cream at Cape Cornwall.

Eat Turbot at ‘Al Fresco’ inSt Ives.

Visit the remarkably large and very beautiful sculpture garden at Barbara Hepworth’s studio. (Remarkable because it appeared to be fitted into a tiny, almost vertical space between three very close and narrow streets).

Seven windows in Barbara Hepworth's studio

Walk up the very steep hill that leads to the Atlantic View B&B.  (because I had to after eating a very large meal and I don’t see why anyone else should get away without doing it too).

Eat Cornish pasties in a traffic jam on the way home.

sorry, the pasties are all gone

There are a lot more things that one ought to do and even if you’re only there for one night it’s quite easy to see why so many people just stay there for ever.


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  1. I laughed at Barney’s playfulness–bless his heart!

    And how could she not get tearful..talk about making her day and her birthday!
    How very cool.

    And very cool photos. *happy sigh*
    I’m go glad the trip was made–for them and for all of you!

    It was so worth doing Mel, for all of us. And nice to have a good laugh/cry too : ) Not sure what the rest of the customers in the Sloop Inn thought though!

    Comment by Mel | September 6, 2010 | Reply

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