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Things that are good for you

My mouth has always been a source of trouble for me.  Often requiring a sock to be put in it and sometimes finding a foot in it (being, as it is, only loosely connected to my brain) but most frequently having in it bad things such as loose or damaged teeth.  I have a very useful tooth which has at its root an abscess.  This flares up from time to time and me and my dentist have agreed that one day the tooth will have to come out but we’ll hang on to it as long as we can. Meanwhile we do what we can with antibiotics and lots of tlc.

Any way it’s currently having a bit of a flare but not so much as to use up more antibiotic (resistance and all that) and is in fact settling down again as I write (I haven’t eaten yet).  During these toothy episodes my diet consists of such delights as yoghurt and mashed potatoes and soup.  Yes, very nice.  And, to be fair, an avocado or two.  Ratatouille!

I can’t help but notice that each time this happens, I seem to become a little lighter on my feet and a little more lively.  My clothes seem a little more comfortable.  I try hard to imagine that eating paracetamol and nurofen are behind this effect but I’m afraid the inescapable inference to be drawn is that eating less and drinking less wine are doing me good.


Well all that was forgotten this evening when we went visiting a certain young lady at home.  She’s still quite nice.  For a baby.

With Dad

I never sleep with my mouth open!

Oh and we got to see toes – one leg needed to be unwrapped but they were there, all pink and crinkly.

Us grandparents drove home in the pouring rain (Goodness, didn’t it rain yesterday!  Well it did here anyway) beaming foolishly and feeling the sense of wellbeing that comes from sitting comfortably for a long time with a tiny, warm, sleeping bundle in your lap)

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  1. Isn’t that just the most wonderful feeling.

    I’da never guessed….seriously.

    Oh, but you got to see toes. And you got to feel her breathing and watch her drool. 😉
    It is the strangest thing, isn’t it…
    Very warm, through and through…..

    She is gorgeous–seriously.

    And this new diet–LOL….we’ll hope it’s short lived. I don’t think I’d be keen on it either, but we gotta do what we gotta do, huh.

    Feel better! 🙂

    Comment by Mel | August 27, 2010 | Reply

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