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No news is just no news

As babe’s appointment for upheaval and reversal isn’t till 2 pm.  After which I suppose all hell might break loose.  Or it might not and Mrs Middle might return home with an appropriately upside down baby to wait some more.

I’m suffering from a serious attack of sympathy. Not any of those sympathetic symptoms of anything you understand, I’ll leave that to HF who is in attendance and could be considered to be implicated in all that Mrs Middle is currently undergoing.  Also not particularly informed sympathy as, although I dimly remember having three babies, all of them made their bid for emergence without any prenatal interference.

Eldest was supposed to be induced but  the maternity ward was full on the date arranged for the induction and naturally, he wasn’t prepared to wait for a whole lot of other babies though till then he’d shown no interest in a change of status.  Mrs Middle herself got going with the single minded efficiency she has since shown all her life and I was barely able to contain her till we reached the exit of the lift leading to the labour ward.  Youngest made a text book performance of her entrance onto the stage of her life and has been the star of some show or other ever since.

So I’m thinking, this baby is showing a new behaviour pattern and I’m wondering what it bodes for Mrs Middle.  She is an orderly, disciplined, efficient person.  She is the one who will always arrive on time, with everything she promised to bring and everything done that she said she would do. She was the one who did her homework and got deserved and frequent praise for the results.  She was the one who planned her academic progress, knew what she would do when she grew up and did it all.

And having a baby was next on the list and here it is, already showing that it’s got a mind of its own!  I foresee fireworks.

I recall fireworks in our family.  Eldest and Youngest inherited their Father’s (and Grandmother’s) mercurial temper while Mrs Middle acquired my (mostly) more even temperament.  Youngest clearly got her star quality from her Dad, Eldest had extreme speed of thought and Mrs Middle just got on with it, whatever it was.  Eldest had my wry sense of humour and Mrs Middle, her paternal Grandfather’s dry one.  Youngest can make you laugh and cry just as she pleases, usually all at once.

Youngest shared the black cloud effect (silent, unacknowledged fury contained within a huge, overwhelming silence) with her Dad while Eldest simply got very angry and buzzed around like a little, super fast hornet (He’s now a tall, kindly, self contained young man).  Mrs Middle describes herself, very accurately, as having a very long fuse with a very big bomb on the end of it.

Eldest and Mrs Middle inherited their Dad’s remarkable quickness of mind and memory for detail while Youngest has the acute, instinctive intelligence of both her maternal grandmothers.

All of them are frighteningly articulate!  Argue?  Donkey?  Which leg was that?  (I proudly believe they got that from me).

Eldest is a master of the art of passive resistance while Youngest is a mistress of manipulation.  Mrs Middle usually gets her own way. Not quite sure how.  Though now I come to think of it, quite frequently, by asking nicely.

So there’s quite a legacy to be handed down here.  I notice that Youngest’s lovely little girl has  all her Mum’s charm and intelligence but doesn’t seem to have the temper?  Well along with her other talents, Youngest is astonishingly good at parenting being consistant, persistant and reliable.  I believe Youngest intends her children not to be able to get away with the sort of thing that she used to.  She has no intention of being confused and baffled and lost in the middle of a whirlwind of conflicting small people as we were and so far she seems to be winning.

Ah well.  Another hour to wait before Mrs Middle’ s baby gets its first taste of adult intervention in its life and it hasn’t even seen them yet.

I shall probably share with you lucky people every stage of the next few hours/days. meanwhile, here is a sheep with a view.


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  1. ACK!!


    Well then.
    I’ll just drum my fingers and wait.

    *drumming fingers*

    Children eh?! And as Youngest herself pointed out, babies never do what you plan : )

    Comment by Mel | August 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. BTW–Youngest kiddos haven’t reached adolescence yet, have they……


    JUST sayin’!!!!!

    *Laughing too* Uh uh. Will she have some surprises in store! Oh but some lovely surprises too!

    Comment by Mel | August 21, 2010 | Reply

  3. k…..shushing and drumming fingers….


    Comment by Mel | August 21, 2010 | Reply

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