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The baby is for turning

Yesterday I called Mrs Middle to find out how things were going.  Things – or more precisely, Bump, had gone topsy turvy and was comfortably ensconced in the breech position.  (For any who don’t know, this means babe plans to enter the world backside first instead of headfirst and usually means a Cesarean section is needed to assist).

So already we have an idea that this small person has the streak of perversity which runs in both our families – though it is the first to show this trait so very early!  Worryingly, the earliest anyone could be available to try and turn the little … darling… back upside down would be next Tuesday.  And at such a late stage (nearly a week past the due date), it’s not often successful.   Also, Mrs Middle was going to have to stop taking raspbery leaf tea, spicy food (and other excercises which we won’t go into) in the hope of shortening her wait and instead, lie around with her legs crossed in the hope of keeping little one in place until it could be turned back upside down.  (I can’t help feeling just a little sympathy for the babe.  I mean who really thinks it could be nice to spend whole days balanced on your head in an increasingly confined space while waiting for nature to take its course?  Perhaps Mums should consider spending some time balancing on their heads to give the poor upside down babe a rest?  No?  Oh well, just a thought.  Maybe that’s why yoga gurus always seem to be men.)

Anyway, super midwife has managed to get the consultant on board for turning tomorrow instead so hopes are high that the babe can be  born naturally and perhaps even in the wonderful midwife unit (with pools and special happy rooms and such like)  instead of the less enjoyable main hospital maternity unit.

Watch this space!

(And please cross fingers that it all works and babe can wait one more day!)


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  1. What a lot of us there seem to be hanging about birthing centres waiting for the first infant wails and fresh plaudits on our enhanced grandparental status!

    Well our updated status is now booked for next Wednesday Christopher. Good luck with yours and best wishes to Patroclus and the rest of the family.

    Comment by Christopher | August 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. <– waiting patiently and sending prayers

    Oh but I like the sounds of the midwife unit with happy rooms! 🙂

    Looks like that is now out of the question Mel. The baby has decided to stay upright and a cesarean is booked for next week. (One of those times when you really really wish you could pass on your grown up wisdom to the very very young!)

    Comment by Mel | August 20, 2010 | Reply

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