Life, photos but not the universe

The importance of things.

Before going away, Sister in Law (the writer) lent me The Lacuna by the (improbably named) Barbara Kingsolver which she’d just finished.  But she was hoping I could read it before she came back for a night on her way home from Cornwall as she needs it for a book group.

She needn’t have worried – I could have read it in one sitting only it’s quite big and I needed to stop from time to time to eat, cook, shop, stuff like that.

Curiously it’s one I’ve been looking out for since ILTV mentioned it a while ago.  Can’t remember if it was the one she hadn’t liked so much or the one she was about to read.

One of the reviews says “every few years you read a book that makes everything else in life seem unimportant“.  I have to say that it struck me that my ‘once every few years’ books make everything else in life seem more important and this is one of them.  Not so much for the subject matter but for the observation and magic of writing that makes you live somewhere else in another life for a while and that life becomes important and by extension all kinds of other lives and ideas that radiate out from all the new things you’ve been shown.  And it was rather wonderful to be told, incidentally, a little about Frida Khalo (whose work I’ve liked for a long time) and to learn of Diego Riviera.  (of whom I’d never heard).

Meanwhile, the hoover seems to be having a senior moment.  Its tube is blocked and it won’t let go of it.  So I can’t shove a broom handle up its ….. tube.  Maybe it doesn’t like having a broom handle shoved etc etc.  Also, the latest fit in Sanyo hoover bags, doesn’t.  Fit.  And I’ve run out of the universal ones.

Is it time to get a new one?  Shall I attempt to get its tube removed by a stronger person*?  I fear my hoover may become an object of frustration and exasperation while my floors become knee deep in dog hair.

Time for something else to seem more important

That’s better.

Time also to go and sleep the sleep of the unrepentant.  I just don’t care about the hoover.

*Actually, if I’m very lucky, a stronger person may prevail upon the tube and also break it.  Then I can get a new hoover with a clean conscience.

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  1. Harvest already…….gosh–where’d the summer go…
    Oh, but what gorgeous colours and textures and shadows and sunlight. 🙂
    Gave me a warm feeling–which, as I agree with you, is about what’s important, what matters…..

    Dunno about the book. Books have been collecting dust in my corner of the world. Though I did dust yesterday and vacuumed.
    No doggie hair, but plenty of dusty ‘Mel’s had the windows open and they’ve been working the fields’ dust. 🙂
    Don’t care! I love the smell of fresh cut hay and a good breeze is a good breeze.
    But I’m not much for vacuuming. And I’m more than willing to stuff a sock in the tube if it means I don’t haffta…..LOL Which is close to your involving a strong person to break it.

    Only…….you’ll get a new one outta the deal. LOL
    That’s NOT the result I’d be looking for!!

    I’m astonished at it being harvest time too Mel. Bees out the back are harvesting too – lavender bush has grown HUGE this year so I’m getting lavender out back and hay out front and side : )
    But the hoover tube ploy didn’t work 😦 He just undid it as easy as you please. (Too easy if you ask me!)

    Comment by Mel | August 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Sheeeeeeeeshhhhhh.

      Whadda show off.

      Sock and super glue!
      You can do it!!! 😀

      : )
      I might be able to manage that Mel. though I’m much tempted by Christopher’s dulcolax. Medicinal see. No one could fault me on that.

      Comment by Mel | August 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Ah. I was going to suggest a couple of tablets of Dulcolax.

    Well that would surely get me my new hoover Christopher. I wish you’d suggested it earlier!

    Comment by Christopher | August 8, 2010 | Reply

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