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I seem to be home again

I’m pretty sure we are, but for the weekend, home was temporarily a party venue! So I wasn’t totally convinced that we were really at home until now, when the very last party guests have left.
It was good that we had a whole day and a half in which to clean the house, shop for barbecue food for twenty odd and put up a hundred tents, gazebos and tables. (Oh well, actually only a half dozen).

The holiday was lovely, of course. We only got rained on for a couple of days and after that we even got a few moments of sun. Brother-in-Law’s boat is very luxurious for a narrow boat and I have to say the shower/bath arrangement is almost as good as the one at home. I mean, you can actually move inside it! And the water comes out hot and strong. Heavenly! And we passed the beginning of the Llangollen Canal which is where we took our honeymoon, 36 years ago. (On that holiday, it snowed).
Possibly the only fly in the holiday was the bed arrangement. Since I am of the opinion that a narrowboat is too narrow to accommodate two people in one bed, I insisted that we made up two single beds. Ok, they were very narrow. So on the second night I cunningly arranged things so that they were a bit wider. Unfortunately, though wider, they were less secure and during the night, there were muffled noises from the other bed and I sat up just in time for Barney, his bedding and a bit of hardboard to slither onto the floor, banging me on the shin quite painfully. For several moments, I cursed colourfully and Barney (only the head visible from among the bedding on the floor) made muffled comments and due to the shortage of space it seemed possible that we would both be stuck there till the morning. Then we both had a fit of the giggles and then we disentangled ourselves and rearranged stuff and got back in to fall asleep, still giggling.
The third night I tried yet a third arrangement. No one fell out but it seemed a bit precarious so in the middle of the night Barney became anxious about falling out and we rearranged it yet again. In the morning the rearrangement threw itself at me as I was turning the beds back into seats and bruised me painfully on the elbow. I cursed a bit more.
On the last night, I gave in and we did the whole double bed thing even though this involved a lot of elderly crawling about on top of and underneath and around the parts of the bed and required three people to maneuver in a space designed for a rapidly decreasing number of bodies (from three to none in twenty minutes). Annoyingly, there was plenty of room for two people to sleep as long as neither of them wanted to get in or out. Well there’s a lesson for me. Sometimes, more is better than two.

Now I am going to enjoy the clean tidiness of the empty house which I have to say, is quite impressive considering that it was achieved in a day and a half and has been thoroughly used by 17 adults, seven small children and three dogs during the last two days. Such a well behaved family we have.


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  1. I am glad you are back safe and sound, well, glad you are back. I love the sleeping arrangements. My ploy would always be to be so tired, that I could sleep anywhere, including standing up if I had to. That might have worked for you. Did you have enough wine on board to create the desired passing out effect? That’s another of my tricks for sleeping in strange places.
    I can’t wait to hear more about the adventure and the BBQ event.


    Lovely to be back too ‘Man : )
    Yes, I’ve slept standing up on a train and used to be able to sleep almost anywhere (almost any time too) but old joints won’t let me any more. However, there was a plentiful supply of wine! I didn’t fall out of bed! It was only the (
    ahem) sensitivity and thoughtfulness of my nature that caused me to pay any attention to the disturbances on the other side of the cabin : ) (May I be rewarded appropriately, some time in the future!)

    Comment by Spadoman | August 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. She’s back!
    A bit bruised and limping…..LOL….but back!
    Oh–can I just say I laughed reading about the giggling from the chaos? Oh, what a grand time. And it only took three turns to get the point of sleeping double! (what a smart woman you are!)

    Right from the adventure straight into another, go figure. Never a dull moment! But at least you pulled it off–and no tents collapsed….right? LOL

    Enjoy being home.
    Enjoy the quiet and solitude (FOR the moment!).
    And bless the family for being so considerately neat.
    (HOLY moly that was some crowd you were entertaining!)

    It was a very funny sight Mel, one tousled and querulous head emerging from between the bunks, one cross pyjama’d person clutching a shin and bedding EVERYwhere!
    No tents collapsed thank heavens – not that we would have known till the morning : )
    And yes it’s lovely to be back and peaceful and just getting on with normal stuff – for a while anyway : )

    Comment by Mel | August 3, 2010 | Reply

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