Life, photos but not the universe

It never rains but it leaks.

Well, when the weather turns a bit chilly is when the boiler packs up anyway.

Actually, I’m counting my blessings.  Ok, my feet hurt for a while but they stopped before the tooth thing started up.  And the antibiotics seem to have kicked in now that the boiler has stopped working.  So things could be a lot worse.  I’ll hold on the tantrum for the moment.

And today, a man is coming to look at the boiler.  That’s good.

And I have finally tackled the knotty business of  paying the VAT online.  That’s good.

(did you see how seamlessly that slipped in?)

Now I’m going to throw a full scale, major, howling, floor kicking, plate smashing tantrum – excuse me a minute.






Ah!  That’s better.

That’s good.


Right.  Now I shall smoke one of the half finished cigs left in various ashtrays around the room while I paced and muttered and typed and phoned and got cut off and muttered and typed some more and finally came to the realisation that I CAN’T DO VAT RETURNS ANY MORE!  Oh and I’ll finish making the coffee that I overconfidently started making while I was waiting for the helpline to produce a real person. Oh and here’s the cig I dropped when I got cut off.

Well, ‘set up sharing secrets‘ can wait till tonight.  So coy for a government organisation don’t you think?  ‘Sharing secrets’?  I don’t know why they can’t just share one secret (instead of six) like everyone else does.

Next, I shall attempt to look up our Yell account online and find out what they mean by the last invoice.  Looking up may be ok – who knows?  But understanding their invoice system has beaten better accounting brains than mine* in the past and will no doubt beat mine now.


Oh, things are looking up.  Yell yielded up the relevant invoice without a murmur and Mr Boiler man has arrived and proposes to clean the boiler and possibly replace a blocked nozzle or two.  This boiler was second hand when we bought it about 22 years ago so really we ought to replace it.  But .. but .. but… if it ain’t broke (much) you know?


Mr Boiler man sounds as though he’s  hoovering the kitchen.  Not that I mind if he does but the smell of heating oil will soon overwhelm both me and the dog. (I think the cat has left home for the duration). Dare I hope that a bit of hoovering is all it takes?  I could cope with the smell** if we had warmth tonight!


No.  I knew I shouldn’t have dared hope.  I wonder how much  a new boiler costs.  Also I wonder how long it will take to get rid of the smell.  And whether we are now due for a warm smell.  I mean spell.  (Or whether, as last year, we will have snow in May).   Oh and did I mention the soot?  No?  Well there was a lot of it.  Now there is only quite a lot of it.


As one, we decided that dinner out was preferable to leftovers in a cold smelly house.  When we came back we knew we had been right but being right isn’t not always much of a consolation.  Tomorrow I shall shut the dog and the warmth into the dining room while shutting the smell and the cold into the kitchen.  Then I shall keep all the doors and windows open out there until the smell has gone.   When it’s gone I shall cook dinner and in the process it’ll get warmed up again. Simple.  And of course I’ll ring all the people who might know about boilers and find out who is our nearest and most reliable heating engineer and get one to come and sell us a new boiler.  Yes it’s all going to fall into place just like that. ahem.

Update: The smell has gone.  See, it’s all good : )

*Ok, ok, that’s nearly everyone in the world.  However, any  mention of Yell’s accounting system seems to get the same response from anyone I speak to – Yells of exasperation and outrage and bafflement.

**I looked up smell in a thesaurus online and was treated to adverts*** for underarm deoderant, airwick, urine remover and … life insurance?  Hmm.

***Also, I was offered as synonyms,  fragrance, aroma, bouquet, redolance and, er, sweetness.  Or on the other hand, foetor, malodour, stink, stench, mephitis.  Coo!****

****But the word I was looking for***** is none of those.  Oh well. It’ll come back some day.

*****Ah!  Fumes was the word I wanted, oily, sooty fumes.  Nothing to do with fragrances,  aromas, bouquets or ….  No, I can’t go on!


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  1. LOLOL

    (((((((((( Mig )))))))))))

    We’re so much alike in our thinking sometimes that it’s frightening……

    If I traced the ‘moments’ as you did there’da been wayyyy more tantrums…just sayin’….LOL

    New boiler sounds like great fun.
    I’m sure it’ll fall into place just like that!

    LYING!!!!! :-/

    Mel! My twin : )
    Nice white lies though 🙂

    Comment by Mel | May 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. Limping Boiler – have one of those too, they’re just too expensive to replace – so many more exciting things to spend THAT MUCH money on – until it’s cold that is, or there’s no hot water.

    Have looked at a Rayburn bolier/cooker/aga type thing and am buying lottery ticket tonight! I do fancy living in an ‘agasaga’ though 🙂

    Fraid ours is a condemned boiler linda!
    I hope a new one isn’t going to cost as much as an Aga. Or a Rayburn. But I thought those marvellous things went on for ever? Anyway, unless we build an extension, that’s not an option. So I shall sadly say goodbye to more exciting things and take out a small mortgage!

    Comment by linda | May 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m loving your tantrum!!!! have some more of those if it helps. . .

    . . .boilers are dreadful things, unless they are working without fault in the background. . .

    . . .lovely photos



    (I’ve still not managed to go to the dentist)

    Oh I agree I, boilers are like cars, computers, animals and other household appliances! Lovely when they’re working and only when they’re working.
    I may have another tantrum or two just for the fun of it : )

    (I would say, get thee to a dentist woman!!!! Because it might save you untold agony later. But I know just how you feel so I won’t. ((((((((((((((( I ))))))))))))))))


    Comment by I, Like The View | May 7, 2010 | Reply

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