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At this time of year, I tend to wander around town and the surrounding areas, admiring the magnolias.  I love the old fashioned single-petaled tulip trees with just a hint of colour at the base of the flower.  Not that the double petals and Stellata and deep magenta ones aren’t lovely and exotic.  I just prefer the lovely simplicity of the single, white flowers.

Anyway, just up the road from where we used to live on the South side of town, there is this splendid, old magnolia growing up from behind what looks like a wonderful walled garden.  There’s nowhere even slightly convenient to park and for years, I driven past it, swerving a bit and absolutely longing to stop and get a good look.

So today, as a reward for being extremely brave with the hygenist*,  I made a special trip out to see this tree and walked quite a long way and took a photo (or twenty) of it in the soft evening sunlight.

Worth every step.

Meanwhile, I’m setting myself a task in three parts.  First, to take all the stuff we brought back from Barney’s Dad’s house to a charity shop and unload it.  Second, to gather up all (or at least, a lot) of the books and clothes from our house that I don’t read or wear anymore and third, to take them to a charity shop and unload them.  You’ll notice that part one is similar  to parts two and three put together.  This is an indication of how much junk there is in  our house compared to Dad’s.

*which is to say I went there and let her do dreadful** things to my poor pegs which didn’t like it at all

**That’s a slight exageration.  She’s actually very gentle and quite nice about me squawking from time to time – in return for which I am very careful not to bite her.


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  1. love the flower buds against the colour of the house


    I need to do a charity shop sort out as well

    remind me in a few weeks, please, in case I haven’t gotten around to it!


    If I remember, I’ll remind you I with pleasure : )
    Whether I remember or not depends a lot on how difficult and time consuming it is to do it here though.

    Comment by I, Like The View | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. They are so lovely aren’t they, they’re my favourite too. There’s something so other worldy about them and they remind me of something that I just can’t quite remember from a long time ago . . .but it’s good . . . d’you know what I mean?

    Oh I do ziggi! I know they make me think of chinese vases but there is something else magical about them too

    Comment by Linda | April 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. Oh, it’s a gorgeous tree! Yup–against the colours of the house…..wonderful!

    There’s a young one in the park with the pond–the simple white kind. I look for it to bloom cuz it’s when the hummers show up.
    Maybe a walk to the park–after it warms a bit, though… It won’t be a reward for not biting the hygenist…LOL…but it’ll be good nonetheless.

    I wonder if I can convince himself it’s a good day to go on an adventure that involves trains and a river or two…..(maybe if I bribe him with a picnic lunch?–he’s kinda food motivated like that….LOL)

    Magnolias and hummers! Fabulous!
    Oh I hope you can convince Himself – trains and a river! wow!

    Comment by Mel | April 17, 2010 | Reply

  4. Lovely trees. I don’t stop often enough! Gald you did.
    We move often, therefore, not a lot of junk accumulation. I shop at those places, anything good you’re giving away?
    Dental hygenist on June 11th, can’t wait!!!

    Peace to you.

    Well I probably stop more often than I should ‘Man, so that evens things out a bit.
    I shop at those places too – what’s the betting I’ll be buying my own books back in a week or two!

    Comment by Spadoman | April 18, 2010 | Reply

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