Life, photos but not the universe

The best laid


Hedge, at Douai Abbey.

Ok, it looks a bit of a mess now as it’s newly laid.

Once, long ago I saw an old woodcut showing hawthorn flowers in a laid hedge and the image has stayed with me though I’ve never been able to find it again.  I’m really hoping this hedge will turn out to have some hawthorn in it.  Hedge laying is incredibly labour intensive compared to driving a giant hedgecutter along the roads, thrashing the tops and sides off the summer’s growth, but the results are a miracle of elegant curves and tight weaving.  It may not look as though this will grow but it will and after a few years of careful laying and tending  it’ll develop into a wonderful, dense barrier with even growth all along its length.


Egg, at Burghfield lakes.

Well, not so good, this laying.  I can’t imagine what prompted a goose to leave an egg here but I fear it won’t ever amount to much apart from someone’s lunch.

It’s very sad.


Stitches – does one ‘lay’ stitches?

Recently I was seduced by a blue linen jacket I saw in a local, not very cheap shop.  They were having a sale and I sidled in, hoping I wouldn’t notice myself doing it.  Before I knew where I was, I was outside again, clutching a very pretty blue, knitted, jersey top with a tiny velvet bow, strategically placed, and oops!  A blue linen jacket.  In the general, overheating brought on by the cheapness of the top and the fact that they did manage to find a jacket in my size, even though it wasn’t in the sale, I forgot that the current fashion for very wide, very deep ‘v’ necked tops, is rarely compatible with the design of my supportive underwear.  (It has a good deal to support, top and middle and lower areas and may well be the sole reason why the top half of me didn’t fall off the bottom half altogether, some time ago)

So I just spent an hour, carefully increasing the length of the fetching little gather at the strategic place and also stitching the fetching little bow into it and then unstitching it all and restitching with the bow outside.  The typos for the last sentence included stitiching, stchitining, stitchititeting and, oddly, stitcheling so you can tell that the effort has nearly unhinged me completely.


Plans.  I have been good,  Very very good.  I drank only two glasses of wine yesterday**, I smoked many less ciggies during the day than I normally do.  I ate only three quite small meals.  I walked quite a long way round Burghfield Lakes and then I came home with a lot of photos*.  After my small dinner, I sat down to quickly glance through said photos and all was undone.  I found myself at three in the morning with a full ashtray, an empty (fourth) glass and a blissful sense of having achieved a lot.


Even the best laid plans can be overturned in a flash.  I reckon the hedge has the best chance of hatching from all these layings.

*A mere 220.  Ish.  (Only I take three different,  bracketed exposures each time I click and they’re each stored as jpeg and raw files so, well, you can do the maths)

**That’s yesterday before midnight***

***Actually that’s now the day before several days before yesterday.


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  1. oooh! lovely charity shp finds – excellent!!

    and oh )-: poor egg

    and you made me smile with the full ashtray. . .

    that last photo is wonderful – just wonderful

    and and and


    There’s nothing like a bit of charity for making you feel good I : )
    I’ve emptied the ashtray now anyway so I can start being good again : )
    It’s a shame about the egg though it did make a nice photo so I cashed in on some poor goose’s misfortune.

    Comment by I, Like The View | April 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Beautiful photos.. I like the “hedge”.. We here in AZ use block walls.. I think a Hedge would be beautiful.

    Surely not walls round fields Betty? Oh, but it’s so hot there – maybe no fields? And perhaps hedges wouldn’t thrive, though they’d be good to provide shade and stop soil erosion.

    Comment by Betty | April 12, 2010 | Reply

  3. Oh wow.
    OH wow.

    I wonder if we could make a hedge around the yard. Probably not without the neighbor coming round with his little wagon to clean up all the sticks. LOL Oh, but it’s gorgeous……and worth the efforts, I’m sure.

    Now I’m gonna go stare at dragons in the water. 🙂
    And eggs.
    And wonder how you got the clouds to go in line with the hedge…LOL

    They just drifted into place at my command Mel : ) Um, well, I just arrived when they drifted into line.
    Of course the good thing about a real hedge is it makes homes for all kinds of wildlife – I know you’d love that.

    Comment by Mel | April 13, 2010 | Reply

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