Life, photos but not the universe

Anyone remember Alice’s Restaurant?

Any one who doesn’t must be a bit younger than me or must have a hole in their sixties.  (Not that I’m saying that’s bad – I have several holes in mine).

It was a year or twenty before I realised that the judge (in the song) arrived in court with a seein’-eye dawg as opposed to a senile dawg and I was not alone in this misapprehension.  Over the years, I have wondered how you can tell if a dawg – sorry – dog, is senile.  Anyway, I’m beginning to wonder about Nutmeg.

He’s taken to suddenly stopping and standing all dazed and pensive in the middle of anywhere.  Often the kitchen where he knows he’s quite likely to get trodden or trampled on in the rush to turn off the potatoes or to get the hot thing in the oven before it becomes a cooler thing.   And to get bits spilt on him while it’s still a hot thing.  There are other places he chooses to suddenly go into a trance, usually doorways or the rainy garden or just under my feet by the computer.  He’s quite unable to find his way in through the back door curtain and will stand there for some time with a lot of curtain on his head waiting for rescue. Ah yes, and just behind the dining room door.  Waiting for someone to open it and bang him on the nose.

However, tonight, the boot was on the other foot.  I put him outside to enjoy the mild evening and to get him out from under my feet and then forgot all about him.  A little while later, we discovered a rather wet dog* waiting patiently to be let in.

Oh dear!  And the look he gave me, as he came in quite briskly and not in the least bit vaguely or absentmindedly, said quite clearly “who’s the senile dawg now then?”  and “how come, when I’m gone all dopey and not with it, I get trodden on and bumped on the nose but when you get a bit forgetful, I’m the one who gets wet? Hmm?”

I am chastened and a bad, wicked dog owner.

Oh, well in case you haven’t heard it, Alice’s Restaurant, lyrics and part of the song.

However, while looking at Google Earth this evening I saw what appeared to be a pink elephant near Andover.  Ok, I thought, either I’m seeing things or GE would like me to think I could see things if only I went to that spot on the map.  Or someone has had a hallucination there?   A closer inspection reveals that the pink elephnt is there to mark the location of the Hawk Conservancy Trust.   Er????

Funny, I’ve been there and I didn’t see any pink elephants.




But no pink and no elephants.

We were supposed to be going out tonight but we’ve had two long days between us (one each) and we decided instead to stay in and prepare for two more long days tomorrow (in my case, a particularly exciting and enjoyable day, so all the more need to be refreshed and ready for it).   Especially as the clocks migrate to BST tonight.

*It wasn’t raining when I put him out.  Honest.


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  1. (-:

    : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. (about tomorrow, not the wet dog or senility)

    Yes : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 27, 2010 | Reply

  3. I believe you, about it not raining when you put the dog out. In our place, we can’t forget about any of the dogs or cats being out, they remind us either by howling or scratching up the screens that we never took down off the doors for Winter, (we left them screened and not windowed all Winter, now we have less chores to do).
    In any event, we listen to Alice’s Restaurant every US Thanksgiving, (third Thursday in November), and have for about 30 years. The song originated on Thanksgiving, and a local rock and roll radio station started playing it on Thanksgiving Day. We now have our own MP3 and play it on Thanksgiving.
    The birds are fascinating. Hawks abound on the roadsides around here these days, hunting is good in the ditches. Eagles are out along the River and I’m hearing this owl almost every night, deep into the morning, but before any daylight.
    Speaking of daylight, we changed our clocks two weeks ago. Spring ahead.
    I seemed to have related some part of my life to everything you wrote about. EWe must be in a similar universe.

    Peace to all.

    How did I guess you’d be an Alice’s Restaurant lover ‘Man : ) Must be that similar universe : )

    Comment by Spadoman | March 28, 2010 | Reply

  4. Yes
    not the only one who hums senile old dawg..
    No hole in my 60’s.
    And I have a old dawg who always lays where I walk. I told her in a most unkind voice that when she passes over I am going to bury her in the middle of my path, so I can trip over her for all time.
    Or at least until I croak , because I have tripped over her and broken my neck.

    I’m just hoping neither the cat or the dog break my neck before I’m ready Sorrow. It’s just a question of who gets the most short sighted and deaf first.

    Comment by Sorrow | March 28, 2010 | Reply

  5. OMG….

    Whaddaya MEAN it’s ‘seeing eye dog’…..

    k……I like it my way better.

    *laughing* (go figure!!)

    LOL. Quite spoils a song to learn what the words are *supposed* to be : )

    Comment by Mel | March 28, 2010 | Reply

  6. such a lovely afternoon – thank you!

    Oh thank You ziggi!!!! It was indeed lovely.

    Comment by Ziggi | March 28, 2010 | Reply

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