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More smoke no fire. Be very alarmed.

You can’t be too alarmed can you, so we have three smoke alarms.  Very useful things up to a point.  One point being when I leave some stock reducing on the cooker and go out and Barney is outside in the workshop and therefore doesn’t notice that the stock has reduced to nothing and the cooker is attempting to reduce the saucepan.

Another point being when we are asleep and the alarm remembers that it needed to warn us about some smoke that it noticed two or three days ago because (I suppose) it was concerned that no one heard it then and for all it knows the smoke may still be raging and we may need to be alarmed again in case we still haven’t noticed anything.

Barney came in before the real smoke became fire and naturally, has reminded me so often to turn everything off all the time  that I’m getting the tiniest bit ratty about it.  The downstairs smoke alarms keeps reminding us that there was smoke even though there isn’t any more.  Barney didn’t hear it this morning (at five o’clock) and agreed that an alarm is no use if we ignore it.  (I’ve done fire drill twice this week and today I didn’t feel like doing it again).  Actually I’m a bit dubious about an alarm that one of us doesn’t even hear!  So when I came downstairs there it was, on the work top (having been removed from the ceiling) and as soon as I came in it started beeping* again.  I pressed it (to test and silence it)  and if anything it beeped louder.  I stopped pressing it and it stopped but after a few seconds it started again.  Upon which, I took it outside and hid it round the corner of the workshop.   No doubt the blackbirds and robins will soon be imitating it.

This, however was inadequate because smoke alarms, naturally, are designed to get, and keep, your attention.   They don’t intend to be ignored, not for a few minutes or even for a few seconds.   After a short while, (about three minutes) I became anxious that the neighbours might get a bit cross with me (they’re very nice, undemanding, friendly people but some things would try even any relationship, however good).  I rushed outside and looked at it from a safe distance (the other end of the garden).  Then I rushed back inside as if pursued by furies and grabbed a number of thick cloth sorts of thing.  Blankets.  A fleece.  And a towel.   Wincing I rushed at the offending item and swathed it in them and then shut it in the garage.  A faint, indigant peeping sound followed me as I left it.  I wished, very much, to drop it in a bucket of water and then throw it around and trample on it  quite a lot but clearly it works – might it be possible to reset it somehow?

Later, Barney came home and brought it into the house and undid it and then after a really very short investigation of it’s innards, cut it’s wires.  We breathed again.  Wonderful silence fell.

Now I have to go and get a new one.  Perhaps, in order to get a free one and to have it’s instructions** explained to us we also have to have a fire inspection.  If we do I feel sure we’ll have to put up with a lot of black marks.  Most of the house is fairly sound and I believe most of the wiring is ok but we do tend to go in for multiple plug use in a big way.

I keep saying Spring is here or nearly so.  Today (that’s yesterday now), the skies have been uniformly not very bright and dark grey and a fine steady drizzle has been falling.  but a couple of days ago it was like this  : )

And the catkins are really out.

And it’s really quite warm, though I do keep over-reacting to the sunshine and then needing to go and add layers.  I’m dreaming of warmth.

Hope you’re warm too : )

* Perhaps beeping is inadequate to describe the fiendish, insistent and unignorable noise it makes. I think a word should be coined to describe it.

**Most importantly, the instructions on how to shut it up!


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  1. k….it’s a good thing he was handy. I had no clue what a ‘catkin’ was.

    And lemme tell ya about alarms and BEEPS. Three smoke alarms, a Carbon detector thingy AND a weather alert whozit. ALL of them have their own alarm sound. ALL of them run on battery backups–so even if you pull the plug…..yup…..they’re beeping. Darn things.
    I blame the neurotic Brit who worries we’ll miss something.
    Certainly won’t miss the beeping noise!
    And he STILL hasn’t given me an adequate answer as to why we have the weather alert set for 6 counties and not just the county we reside in.

    If you have a clue–please pass it on to me, ty. LOL

    Well if you have tornadoes I think a weather alert thingie is a very good idea Mel. 6 counties just so you know what’s going on next door? I expect your counties are a bit bigger than ours but I can imagine tornadoes are fast travellers and maybe he still thinks in terms of the county next door since here, that can be not very far at all.
    So what’s a catkin called over there?

    Comment by Mel | March 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. ah, yes. . . see. . . this is why those good people from the Fire Brigade came to visit me!

    which reminds me that I haven’t tested the alarms they installed since they installed them


    (X had one of those beeping situations recently, he eventually solved it by changing the battery in the offending unit)

    That’s quite a few ‘once a week’ s you’re behind I! Not that we ever test ours.
    Yes, we thought about the battery but the gadget says in big letters, ‘warning: This battery cannot be replaced
    ‘ That’s not friendly is it?

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. Ah the smoke alarms; I hate them. In our state, they require them in all new homes. We seem to have one in every room. Then there’s the security alarm Paul wanted over my desire to have a sound system installed in all rooms.. I rarely set it anymore since neighbors will ignore it and we are no longer hooked up to a company.. It’s not working as it goes off now as soon as I open the door to arrive home.. Paul still sets it. Your photos are incredible.

    What also annoys me Betty is that although you can hear the beastly alarm things all over the county, I can barely hear the phone or the front door bell from the next room.
    I don’t think I could live with something that warned me when I was intruding in my own home!!!! Grrr!

    Comment by Betty | March 22, 2010 | Reply

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