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The Happy Hound (from Hell?)

Not really.  She’s very amiable and friendly considering.

However, when she’s left at what she considers an inappropriate moment (for more than a moment) she barks.  While I’m trying to get shoes on, she gets up close and personal.  And between me and my feet.  When she’s  hungry, she’d rather have Nutmeg’s food which is less ‘healthy’ but more interesting than hers.  When Barney lets her out first thing, she hurtles off through the hedge into the furthest distances and won’t come back for ages.  When I take her out on the lead she pulls me this way and that and then the other and occasionally, nearly, over.  When the school run goes past she barks some more  (as Youngest pointed out, she thinks all those 4x4s thundering along the lane are actually burglars – about 50 of them).  Until she’s had her morning walk, she wanders around whimpering and watching for the return of the cat and generally creating unrest.  When she sees birds flying out of the hedge she thinks they need fetching and leaps, full ahead to the end of the lead in a single bound, taking my shoulder sockets with her and causing me also to bound albeit in a slightly stiff-legged, inelegant and reluctant manner.

And I haven’t even had my coffee yet!

I have a list that says

Toes (before attempting to take her out again, they need some tlc)
Shoot dog.

However I don’t mean that literally.  I just mean I need to shoulder the dummy firing gun thing again and get her running after dummies for as long as I can bear it in the hope of wearing her out a bit.  (a lot would be good!)

Anyway, thanks to the barking at the school run, I’ve got up unreasonably early and had more than my fair share of exercise all before getting my coffee.  Now I’m going to ignore her for a while.  However, I foresee a difficult day ahead.

Here she is at her home.  She has been keeping my dining room in the same sort of condition that she keeps her lawn.  Sort of….busy.

In the end, my day wasn’t so hard.  I took her out with the gun and she was surprisingly good at returning the dummy for further attempts.  Also, she brought the dummy home for me.   And she ate all her dinner.  Barney wan’t so lucky.  When he took her dummy shooting, she ran off with the dummy and refused to return till he gave up and set off for the gap in the hedge.  Then she got panicked about being left all alone and came hurtling back all hopeful and eager.

Today, I looked out of the window and I thought I saw three cows in the field.  This would definitely preclude the firing of dummies and the hurtling of dogs (even those disguised as small, furry, black and white cows).  Later I could see no sign of the cows so they were either a hallucination or a temporary invasion but by then I’d taken Pup across the road for a circular zig-zag-tug-of-war round the other field.  I’m hoping that the energy she has expended by hurling herself to the end of the lead in multiple directions at once will keep her quiet until her people come to fetch her later today.  (It’s certainly keeping me quiet).*

The really good thing, I suppose, is that I’ve had a lot of exercise in the last couple of days.  The not so good thing is that I’m totally knackered!

So, I quite forgot – what you really want to see on the footplate of a steam engine.  The firebox.  About ten feet to the back of it Barney said and three feet wide and needing to be fed a lot of coal.  A ton, in fact, each way along the ten mile stretch of track.  So during our day, we used six tons of coal.  Ooh.  That makes me feel a trifle uneasy.

But since we’re recklessly gobbling up un-renewable resources, you need to see a bit of actual steam!

Cor!  Innit loverly?

*What you need to understand is that, while once, I was younger and therefore stretchy and bendy enough and indeed strong enough, to handle strong dogs with casual ease and confidence, I’ve now become as wheezy and decrepit as old Nutmeg and we are both deeply content with a short but purposeful amble.  The main purpose being to enjoy a few good smells (or sights), make a useful deposit (that’s just him – I merely witness and wield a plastic bag) and return home to our warm house with a feeling of a job well done.  We just don’t do bounding and tugging any more!


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  1. I loved your post today and you are so right.. Short easy walks are the best. Love the photo of the dog.

    She’s a sweet dog, even if she is a bit demanding Betty : )

    Comment by Betty | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. crikey! I’m exhausted from just reading that

    lovely steam at the bridge and warmth from the plate

    hope your shoulder’s survived


    All the better for the exercise I. Maybe : )
    Anyway, at least Spring really seems to be arriving! (thinking of warmth)

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. Ohmygosh…..that’s absolutely wonderful (the shots of the train).

    I do hope the body’s no worse for the wear–and just for the record, my list woulda included ‘shoot the dog’….LOL
    Frequently my list has things on it like “establish a place to hide the body”.
    If law enforcement ever finds those lists, I’d be incarcerated in a heartbeat…..LOL

    Oh you’re much more efficient than me! I hadn’t even thought about where to hide the body. always supposing I was going to shoot it in the first place which of course I wasn’t. Oh no. Wouldn’t dream of it….(just in case any law enforcement people read my bog, see.)

    Comment by Mel | March 19, 2010 | Reply

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