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36 years

I was woken yesterday to the news that the water was off.  This so distracted me that I forgot I had an appointment with the doctor  (at 8.40 am – what was I thinking of!  I’m barely fit to talk to the dog at that time of day, never mind a doctor).  I didn’t remember the appointment till after I’d spent an hour searching for a huge bottle of water which I knew we had tucked away safely somewhere (left over from a family party about three years ago) .  And that reminded me that I have  to make a smear appointment too.

Anyway I have a nasty feeling the doctor is going to check my blood pressure and tell me off about my vices.  And possibly my weight (though, to date, they always tell me not to worry about that because I’m near the top of, but not over, the acceptable range for my age.  This is also usually where my blood pressure is but they’re a bit less casual about that).  And now I’m going to have a..a…ah…ahh!!…CHEW-SNEEZING!!!!! fit.  Nothing like a quick (Ahhh…AAAhh..CHEW) serial sneeze to wake you up.  (Aaaah…er….a…a……hmmm)

I must say,  the medical profession are paying me an awful lot of unwanted attention these days.  Eye checks, smear tests, reviews so I can keep taking the tablets (heartburn), teeth scrapings and proddings ad nauseum (ad acheum anyway) but some things never change.  I tell them my back hurts and my feet hurt and they say oh yes (kindly but not informatively) and send me on my way.  I suppose I must be grateful that they’re prepared to take any notice of me at all?

And that reminds me I have to make an appointment to get my eyes tested again because otherwise Boots will stop sending me new contact lenses.  Actually, since life has been so immensely complicated since I got them, I’ve hardly worn them at all and probably won’t want to till the weather gets warmer and I’m not wearing woollie things any more.  The thing about woollie things being that they shed little woollie bits all over everything and wool gets in my eyes.  So I now have something like six sets of lenses stored up for whenever I feel ready to try again.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, I opened a window to the outside world and didn’t utter a little involuntary scream.  In other words, no blast of icy wind came in.   I got excited.  I thought about warm Spring days and even warmer Summer ones. I went and looked out a couple of light, low necked jumpers.

The next day, I peeped out the back door, uttered a little involuntary scream and shut it quickly. Then I went upstairs and put on a thick woolie with lots of rolls of neck and wool trousers and thick socks.  And sighed.  And last night, she sky was full of crisp, twinkling stars and there was a icy chill in the wind.  Today, the sky is full of thick grey cloud and there’s a lazy* wind blowing out there.

I think I’ll have another coffee and find a lot of layers before going out.  However, I do notice that sunrise is getting earlier and sunset is getting later because sometimes, there’s been sunshine around to see it going down (not that I see it coming up – I look that up on the  BBC weather site).  So it may be cold, very cold even, but we’re getting more light for our shivers.

Anyway.  Today, we have been married 36 years.  We both remembered the day and one of us even remembered to dig out a card.  (the other left a little note on my computer  : ) – a paper note that is, on the keyboard, not a virtual note.   You know, we’re a lot nicer people than we were 36 years ago.  I believe we’ve done each other good.  And I remember that when we woke up on the day after our wedding, 36 years ago, it was snowing and we drove up to Wales to go on our first canal holiday.  The canal was slightly frozen in parts, it rained most days and the winds were icy and if we hadn’t had a good heater in our little boat we might just have turned round and gone home again.

*goes through you instead of around you


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  1. 36 years……. Oh Mig–congratulations to you and Barney. I’m just so thrilled for you both. You do well complimenting the other from everything shared here–and you’re such a cute couple…LOL 36 years……oh wow……

    And do I see buds on those trees?!
    Honestly….rain up the whazoo goin’ on here, but it’s so much nicer than snow. I even opened the door to give a listen–until ‘he-who-must-turn-the-thermostat-up’ had his moment of telling me off (thinkin’ one gets sickly from fresh air–what’s up with that?!).

    Oh for a walk about in lighter clothes……*sigh* It’ll come. It’s coming already. And until it reaches us full force, I’ll just drool and envy yours.

    Thank you Mel. We manage : )
    Wishing for your Spring to arrive soon.

    Comment by Mel | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. congratulations!

    that’s a wonderful thing to hear


    (I’ve just seen on the news that spring is three weeks late. . . I keep doing the window/icy blast thing. . . am so fed up with wearing woolies!)

    hope you have a lovely celebratory day


    Thank you dear I.
    I think we had a nice day : )
    I am getting just the tiniest bit fed up with winter I have to say. And with being bundled up like a woolly michelin woman!

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  3. Congratulations. That’s a long time. And like they say, it takes two you know, so, both of you should be proud of yourselves.

    Peace and happiness to you both!

    We are both occasionally disgustingly smug and self congratulatory ‘Man but we know it’s a joint effort. Thank you : )

    Comment by Spadoman | March 10, 2010 | Reply

  4. Wow that’s a long time! Congratulations and I hope you’re wearing your medal with pride!

    Sometimes it has seemed like a long time ziggi 🙂 We are looking forward to having one of those anniversaries that comes with a really silly label, like polystyrene or bakelite. Stuff that belong to our era 🙂

    Comment by Ziggi | March 10, 2010 | Reply

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