Life, photos but not the universe

Bed time reading

Well not really.

Barney was away for the night and I read a novel by Tami Hoag whom I had mistaken for Peter Hoeg.

The latter wrote Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow which I enjoyed but the Tami Hoag book  is an American Cop story of the kind where unspeakable things are done by unspeakable people and the two cops (one tough little lady and one hard-bitten, lonely and bitter man, both with hearts of gold under their hard exteriors) frequently say isn’t it awful being a cop and how dreadful but unavoidable it  is that corruption and wickedness is rife among the police and justice departments and that in spite of all this they will both always be cops because, although it has cost them both their marriages and is an awful job, they both care deeply, beneath their protective shells, about seeing justice done. Also, what else could they do?*  In between sharing these homely but cynical insights, they solve  a number of unspeakable crimes, a number of people, both good and evil plus one or two who are merely misguided or confused, die horribly and every one ends up very, very sad.  Tough little lady goes back to her children (having been reminded for the nth time that her ex is a rotten egg) and hard bitten man goes back to his empty (and smelly) apartment after the (potential) love of his life dies nobly in spite of having been involved in the murder of a policeman.  Pfft.

I prefer Wallander.  A gloomy Swede with who solves crimes in Sweden by doing irrational things and having strange insights which are hard to pin down but lead to interesting connections.  He usually manages to solve the crime before too many people die, though of course there are always a few unspeakable deaths to start with.  But at least, in spite of his broken marriage, he has a good relationship with his daughter and his colleagues conspire to stop him surrendering to depression and gloom.  And he has a tendency to wander off and spend time being introspective beside large bodies of water which I feel is a good touch.

Anyway, after this not very cheerful read, I was cold, grumpy and oddly enough, not very cheerful myself.  So I made some drinking chocolate which I do about once every few months. and then went up to the attic where I had remembered to turn on the fire and the electric blanket.  It’s really amazing how a cup of warm sweet stuff and a warm bed will improve the gloomy hour!

Anyway, the sun woke me very early indeed (too early, I’m afraid to do anything useful about it) and then a bit later, the sound of fire, police or ambulance sirens woke me again.  Lots of them.  They faded into the distance and I thought, briefly that it was odd that during all the years that I voraciously read fantasy and science fiction books, I was never woken by the sounds of aliens landing or the tinkle of magical bells yet after a few weeks of reading a few crime stories there went emergency services sirens all over the place.  (No I hadn’t really woken up properly.)

Later still, a fire engine, a police car and an ambulance all drove back past our house.  By then I was awake properly.  Whatever the emergency had been it probably wasn’t a cat stuck up a tree (a fireman friend of ours once reassured me deeply by telling  me that cats are still rescued from trees by firemen occasionally, though somehow I doubt if that is still true.  I’m sure cats aren’t cost effective, however endearing they may be)

More from the wild woods.  I feel a cat would think twice before getting up this tree.

I have to go out now.  In search of Sunday dinner.

have a lovely Sunday and indeed, what’s left of Saturday.

*It may be that I have interpreted these comments rather than delivering them accurately.  Even I may have been a little inaccurate about the plot.  I’m sure bits of it would turn up in other novels of the same ilk though.  Reminds me of the days when the children watched Aussie soaps round the clock and I could always tell what was going on and to whom from my brief, unwelcome forays into the sitting room, regardless of which precise soap it was they were watching since all the plots and characters were interchangable.  IMNSHO.**

**I’m not at all humble about books*** but I am very opinionated about them : )

***Though often mumbled by them.  No, sorry,  Humbled.

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  1. Still workin’ on the same book over here. The problem is I wait until I’m good and tired to go read–which only serves to make me good and tiredER. *sigh*

    Geeze I hope everythings okay up the road…….

    I haven’t heard anything about what might have happened up the road Mel, though I might when we go to the pub later. I also hope for the best.
    Barney reads at bed time too. I often find him thinking he’s reading but since the book is resting on his nose, it’s more likely that he’s dreaming 🙂

    Comment by Mel | March 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’m reading 2 books these days, although the days are busy as aitch e double hockey sticks, I haven’t had much time to read. I usually read in bed before bedtime. When my eyes start to droop and I don’t know what I just read, I turn off the light and go to sleep. Sometimes, during the day when I am alone and nothing to do, I’ll read a bit.
    Right now, I’m reading an old classic by Edward Abbey, The Monkey wrench Gang. I’m also involved with Ghost Rider, by Neil Peart. Look them up if you feel the urge to know more about them, or ask me and I’ll give you my opinion. (You’re not the only one opinionated about books)
    I don’t care for murder mysteries, cops and robbers, sleuths and that kind of stuff, although I do like Tony Hillerman. He is dead now, but he wrote about detective work down on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona and added a lot of cultural fact to his stories.
    Have I written enough in this comment now to give you something to read?

    Peace to you. Thanks for the wish of a good Sunday. I will do my best to enjoy cooking for 12 guests who are coming for a traditional Italian pasta dinner.

    I like the sound of your Tony Hillerman books ‘Man. And they’re still available from Amazon. Shall have to look into those : )
    I like to read while I’m eating breakfast (difficult when it’s a boiled egg though)
    Hope your dinner went well! 12 guests! Fabulous : )

    Comment by Spadoman | March 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. PS I feel bad. I wrote all about me, me, me. Sorry you had that terrible noise of emergency vehicles to wake to. That’s always a start. I always think, “Someone is having a bad day.”
    Your neighborhood is so beautiful. I love the pictures you post, (and your artistic ability to capture that softness like you do). I live in a small town, and not in the country, but my property is up against the experimental farm of the University of Wisconsin, so I have a 350 acre back yard. Lots of trees and a path. Maybe you need to come take pictures of it and capture that essence for me.

    More Peace.

    More peace is good thank you : )
    I like people to write about themselves, you too. Sounds like you have a wonderful back yard. What do they experiment with?

    Comment by Spadoman | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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