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The quickness of the egg deceives the eye

I bought some little pale blue eggs the other day, laid by some interesting variety of hen* and today I thought, you have to boil these so you can enjoy the pretty shells.

Of course, unlike the proverbial pot, a watched egg not only boils but overcooks.  So instead of soft boiled (perfectly beeled as Eldest once described them) eggs for breakfast, I had soggy toast and I shall have egg salad for lunch.

So.  Recently we overcame a natural reluctance to a) spend money, b) change a system that works, albeit leakily and c) make choices involving energy efficiency, washing times, tumble drying, programme changes, useful/alarming features, moving heavy white goods and disposing of old white goods.

To whit** we bought a new washing machine.  A washer dryer in fact.  Energy efficient, not leaking, able to do a bewildering variety of washes and only needing one space in the utility room where once two were needed.  The old one born swiftly away by the deliverers of the new one.  Then, a bit reluctantly, I advertised the solid and simple and old tumble dryer for sale at the sensible price of £20 in the local rag.

The phone’s been going all morning!  The first person to phone simply said yes please he wants it so all the other people are being disappointed.  I did point out that it’s old and much used but he still wants it.  Makes me wonder if I’m sitting on a gold mine : )  Now I’m wondering how to rearrange the cat, the laundry, Barney’s boots and the recycling boxes so that I can use the new spaces we’ll have when the tumble dryer is gone.  The cat would like to continue to sleep next to the warm pipe even though it’s sometimes difficult to get up there as I keep a lot of washing baskets on the floor in front of the machine.  So maybe her food could go up there too and then the laundry could go where the food went and the recycling could go where the tumble dryer went and the boots – oh well the boots are a lost cause really.  They go wherever they want and it’s never where I want them.

Wandering through the woods – forgot the boots –

and past cottages where someone is keeping warm

and enjoying snowdrops which don’t mind the cold.  And it was cold but not as cold as it is today.

Keep warm 🙂

*Old cotswold legbar

**I love that expression, I wonder how it’s derived.


March 5, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Once again, I love the softness of the photos you posted here. I want to take a walk there.
    I love soft boiled eggs. Three minutes is too long. I go 2 & 1/2 max!
    Chickens have so many names. My favorite is the cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn, I say, Foghorn Leghorn 🙂


    LOL! Foghorn leghorn is great : ) The country round here is lovely, I am very lucky to live where I do. I know there are beautiful and interesting things to see in towns and cities but I’m a country mouse at heart.
    Peace to you too ‘man

    Comment by Spadoman | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. ooooh! snowdrops!! I love them!!!


    as for tumble dryers, I rue (sp?) the day I got rid of mine, on account of the fact this house had one of it’s own that the previous occupants were leaving behind. . .

    . . .mine was sooooooooooo much better. . .

    . . .I couldn’t do a washer-dryer, as I like to do the laundry as quickly as possible (so often have the two machines on the go at once)(and I shudder to think about the electric bill and the poor polar bears). . . so I truly admire people who manage with just the one appliance. . .

    . . .of course, when the weather warms up, I’ll be able to use the clothes horse thingy (whatever it’s called) in the courtyard and the tumble dryer will be redundant for a couple of seasons. . .

    . . .can’t believe I’ve rabbitted on about that when there are such lovely photos to contemplate

    I do so love visiting you for a few beautiful breaths of your fresh country air – does wonders for the soul!!



    Oh dear, I hope I’m not going to rue getting rid of mine! Only it’s rated G for efficiency which isn’t very good. And I do need the space : ( And I liked being able to run them both together too but I’ll just have to be more disciplined and the new one will do handwash items which is a big bonus. Swings and tumbleabouts : )
    Snowdrops are a nice reminder even when it’s freezing – Spring will come. Actually, today the birds were singing as though they were practising for the big event. Maybe it’s really, nearly Spring : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  3. it’s was supposed to be its, but perhaps a stray apostrophe between friends is forgiveable?!

    I hope so because I lose mine all over the place. I could borrow yours maybe? : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  4. *sigh*

    We have a washer and a dryer–of the huge type (according to himself). I was blown away by his wee thing that did it all. That’s just not how we do it over here. LOL

    No snowdrops yet–about six inches of snow on the patio still….. I’m considering a shovel JUST so I can drag out the patio swing.

    Ummmmmm..yes please, I’d like a little cottage…with no snow if that could be arranged…..

    Oh I wish I could arrange you a little (snowless) cottage Mel 🙂 I have to say, I’m loving your photos of the snow but I’l send wishes for Spring to come to you anyway. I’m sure there’ll be wonderful things to see in your Spring : )

    Comment by Mel | March 6, 2010 | Reply

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