Life, photos but not the universe

Oops! A power cut!

So.  I was in mid comment when the power went and I’d just decided to hit save.  Too slow.

Right.  No comment.  No coffee.  No shower.  No hair sorting.  No heating.

How lucky that my mobile phone has some charge in it and so does my little tiny seashell netbook.  So I am able to witter a bit and to complain.  And to establish that the power cut has affected around 800 properties and should be back within about an hour.  I ought to get out the power-cut-phone I suppose.

Hmm.   One day, maybe I should look into battery powered wireless network connection.  I’ll ask Mr Treasure about that some time.  (note to self – make a list of things to ask Mr Treasure next time I see him)

Oops! Power back.

Oops! Off again.


No.  Still off.

That’s interesting.  My seashell battery said it had 1hr 39 minutes when I started it up.  Now it says 2hrs 09mins.

It’s so quiet!  All I can hear is the dog snoring and the birds arguing outside.  What a lot of background noise we live with.

I’d better go and put on some more clothes.

The very good news is that after the power came back, I stopped getting that infuriating message saying one of the devices on this computer had malfunctioned and Windows couldn’t understand it any more.  It was one of my hard drives where last year’s photos are stored so I can look at them if I need to.  Not a disaster since they are also safely stored on another hard drive upstairs but it was annoying.  Anyway, the shock must have woken it up and it’s reappeared.

So, dirty, cold, without coffee but with hair looking as though it had been slept on, I had to set off to look at some rather clever computery music stuff that Barney wants for his birthday and this led to PC world, Currys and Maplins and I had quite a nice afternoon browsing all the nice toys  I might want to get some day.  Though I failed to get Barney’s thing.  One of the nice things about two of these places is that I seem to know more, these days, about what I want than the sales staff do.  On the other hand, that’s one of the irritating things too.  (At Maplins, even the teenage girls at the till are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful though they don’t have as many toys on offer).

Later, our son in law turned up with a cooker.  It’s not that ours is exactly broken, just that it doesn’t seem to do slow cooking any more.  And he had a working one that he was about to put in a skip because its previous owner had replaced it.  In what seemed like a flash, the old cooker was gone and the new one installed (note to self – really, really really must keep this one sort of a bit clean).

It’s been quite an electronic sort of day!

It’s a shame the fire wasn’t lit when the power went off.

Though if it had, I might have missed the brief sunshine in a traffic jam

And a chance to take a photo of this toy house on the way to Reading.

Well it’s been a busy day.

Sleep well.


February 3, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. lovely



    especially the fire. . . and the raindrops in the mirror. . . and the toy house

    all lovely

    (apart from the powercut nonsense!)

    B’s birthday music sounds interesting. . .

    Comment by I, Like The View | February 3, 2010 | Reply

    • It’s a gadget to convert vinyl and tape to something you can put on the computer I. I think I’m going to have to get it from the Radio times though which is a bit worrying. I somehow feel that they’re not a reliable internet source!
      It was lovely to see the sun if only for a half hour or so 🙂

      Comment by letouttoplay | February 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. Ohhhhh…..the toy house framed by the branches. Very nice!

    Green grass…..omgosh–I remember green grass I think…..

    Aren’t powercuts wonderful opportunities?
    (see…..LOL…..it’s all in the perception)
    I’m glad for the quiet that you found. I want me some of that…..

    Comment by Mel | February 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Peering through the hedge Mel : ) Twiggy frames come free.
      I expect there’s green grass hiding under your snow? Hope so anyway : )
      (Wishing you some quiet)

      Comment by letouttoplay | February 3, 2010 | Reply

  3. I hate when the power goes off.. Usually during storms. But it’s never that cold here.. Love your photos

    Comment by Betty | February 3, 2010 | Reply

    • I quite like it Betty. It can be fun to have your plans suddenly rearranged without warning 🙂

      Comment by letouttoplay | February 4, 2010 | Reply

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