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I really shouldn’t blog before I’ve had some coffee

I need that coffee to wipe the sleep out of my eyes and the grumpy out of my head! (not that I’d waste any coffee on eye-wiping).

It’s a funny thing but as I get (a little bit) older, I seem to be quite unable to get up unless I’ve had a good eight hours sleep. Ridiculous.  I’m sure I used to manage fine on anything from four to fourteen, randomly arranged across an average month.

Oh well. Me and the little nutcase both.

Him and me, trekked to the vet’s today and by the time he’d run round and round the pee post and knotted his lead up thoroughly and poohed on the (pooh?)lawn – such thoughtful people the vets – and been cleared up after and unknotted, we were both wheezing a bit.  Then we went in and his tail vanished, as it does when we go there, and after wondering why the waiting room (so full of enticing smells) made him feel so deeply depressed and anxious, he got the call to enter the surgery and he remembered the whole thing about that special room where once upon a time his toenails, his dignity and his person were ravished by strange people who later sat on him and stuck needles in him and made him feel very very sick.

Well he didn’t, clearly, remember <i>all</i> that because he didn’t, this time, curl up in a small ball under a chair and watch the evil people out of one disney-dog eye, but mooched around nervously, giving the vet mistrustful looks.

Since she was a kind and sensitive person,and was prepared to treat him respectfully, all he got was felt a lot and listened to.  No injections, no ravishing or penetrating of any of his orifices.  As a result he behaved very well and we went home with some antibiotics and a kind of aspirin for dogs which might bring down any temperatures he may have and will probably help with his probably achy joints to boot.  He was pronounced good for his age and while he might, if the antibiotics do no good, need an xray later on, for now, he’s saved.  And hasn’t been too  much alarmed by this latest visit to the den of iniquity.  Even, he accepted a couple of treats and snuffled around after the vet when she went to get his medication.  I think it puzzled him a bit, that we went to the terrible place and nothing terrible happened!

The other thing of note, that I’ve done recently, is to set up a Redbubble account with which I can sell stuff – photos even.  Redbubble displays the photos and offers prints, framed or matted or mounted or on canvas and greeting cards for sale.  They charge the customer a base rate and I, the, um, the other thing,  Oh, the artist of course, add whatever mark-up I feel I can get.  Also they provide a facility to create a website for a more elegant display of the art work.

Should you be at all interested (though you’ve probably seen most of what’s on the website at the moment) there’s a nice new link over on the left somewhere.  Yep!  That works.

Once a week I shall get an email telling me how many visits I’ve had and how many pieces I’ve sold.  Hmm.  Proof, pudding and eating come to mind.  But it all looks quite nice so for the moment I’m pleased.

As I said, it snowed yesterday.  I spent a few minutes in a concerted effort to catch the actual snow, falling.  I’m glad I did because today it’s all gone.

Sleep well.


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  1. Oh, I’m thrilled for the puppy to have a different experience at the vet FINALLY!
    Poor thing. I hope ‘better’ happens soon.

    And I’m thrilled I get to have a ‘look see’ at the Redbubbley thingy!

    <– likes photos taken by 'the artist'.

    And I sooooooo hope for it to be a good experience for you!

    All good really Mel 🙂 Such a relief not to have to abandon the poor little chap to be sat on (last time they actually had to sit on his head!) and injected. And the vet says if he does need an xray they can put him under with gas instead of an injection.
    Glad you like my bubbles:)

    Comment by Mel | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. (-:

    don’t have time to check out the redbubbles (have a trip to the vet myself this morning, with two cats) but will do. . . how exciting!

    glad all’s well with the dog, hope you manage to hide the antibiotics in a treat!


    Oh I hope your cats aren’t ill!
    Antibiotics well hidden and so far, vanishing effectively.

    Comment by I, Like The View | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. OH good luck with that Mig. I how it works out well. Your photos are certainly beautiful enough to sell.
    I’m glad your dog came through his visit to the vet well. It’s good to find a kind loving vet. I love those photos on today’s post

    Thank you Betty : )
    And Nutcase really seems better for his medicine too!

    Comment by Betty | January 24, 2010 | Reply

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