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News, good bad and forgotten

Well the good news, obviously, is that ‘shot is back.  It may have taken me a month or two to notice (Chrome doesn’t support RSS feeds yet) but it’s wonderful to see his blog again.  Also I’ve successfully updated my widget page (WordPress does support RSS feeds : ) which is so clever of me.  (Really, it is).

The bad news is that our dear old idiot Nutcase dog is not very well.  He’s been wheezing a good deal for a while and finding long walks a bit strenuous but last night when I took him up the road, he could barely make it back  and I could see him straining to get his breath.  Perhaps it’s just asthma.  Trip to the vet to be organised.  (He hates these just as much as Mandu did but he’s a good deal more robust than she was and I’m hopeful they will have something to help him)

Other bad news comes regularly about the tragedies in Haiti and I find it hard to enjoy our comfortable life when hearing about the appalling suffering over there.

So I was reading a discussion thread on Flickr about Haiti and came upon a link relating to the war in the Congo.  Forgotten by the media, this war has been going on for many years and as my Flickr friend says

Why do we get no media attention on the war in the Congo, which in terms of implication, duration, intractability, casualties and horror is of a different order of magnitude from what has happened in Haiti?

I can only suppose that the answer is, indeed, cynicism. It’s a tedious struggle somewhere in the rain forest. It’s very hard to get there, it’s full of disease and biting insects, it’s dangerous as hell, far from any modern communications – and it’s a struggle between various ethnic groups nobody but them cares about.

The fact that it is a decade-long genocidal fight for control of strategically vital minerals – including rare earths necessary for our civilizations – seems to be missed by all the world’s press. They say millions of people have died, but who’s counting?

I’m not putting a link to the news item I read because unless you want your heart broken it’s just not good reading.  Look up war in the congo if you think you can bear it.   That’s not a challenge, it’s a warning.


Aha!  Some other good news.  And I’ve only read the first chapter. In view of the reviews I just glanced through, it might turn out to be only medium news.  But I’m enjoying it so far.

And then , I’ve just read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and found it good.  Some of the characters lived on Himmel Street which, I gradually became aware, can be translated as ‘Heaven Street’.  Wasn’t there a famous German called Himmel?  There was a composer called  Freidrich Heinrich Himmel.  Freddy Henry Heaven!  How poetic : )

Experimenting with softness.  A soft, mild breeze and soft fluffy clouds.

The little car catching the last light of the day

Blinding sunlight on dirty windows.

Got to go to bed now.  Have a lovely Tuesday : )

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  1. lovely sunlight thru windows. . .


    and yes, I also have a heavy heart when comparing my life and compaints to those of others

    Funny how one feels as if it’s all weighable on some kind of cosmic scale. That kind of thing makes me feel like the proverbial sparrow. But, in your own words, it matters to this one : )
    And I do believe that sunlight through windows matters too.
    (does that makes sense at all?)

    Comment by I, Like The View | January 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. I saw the date and thought you’re up early, then realised you were up very late!

    So 😦 about your dog, hope there’s something the v e t can do to make him more comfortable, and yes it’s very uncomfortable isn’t it? Sitting in the warm with ‘plenty’ and seeing the terrible suffering. Just chucking a few £s their way doesn’t somehow seem to be enough, and it’s not altruism is it ?- it’s to try and free one’s self from those feelings of guilt – isn’t working this end so far!

    It’s foggy here in Wilts this morning how is it over the border there?

    And I’d promised myself I’d go to bed early ziggi – not quite sure what happened there!
    It was foggy this morning, but it’s sort of clearing up and clouding over at the same time. Probably in readiness for more snow tomorrow!
    I suppose guilt alone is unproductive – but sending a few pounds isn’t (though the current climate of suspicion against charities and misappropriation of cash is!). The little we can do must still be done.
    Dog seems quite unaware that he’s uncomfortable until he tries to trot more than twenty yards so I’m quite hopeful for him.

    Comment by zIggI | January 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. Perspective……..I get good dashes of it, reminds me of my own smallness….. Which I consider a very good thing.
    Ego, yaknow…..self importance, I’d suppose.
    Dirty window, I am. But with a bit of light–I still shine.

    I love your windows.

    (((((((( Mig ))))))))

    Funny…..we’ve had fog for the past three days and all sorts of wonderful artwork on the trees and plants as a result.

    A bit of light (and love) makes us all shine Mel 🙂 And you most certainly are a star for all of us.
    I wish often that I didn’t loom so large in my own perspective – I do get bored with me sometimes!
    However, I do love my windows too 🙂 And I could clean them one day – after all if I didn’t like the result I can easily let them get dirty again!

    Comment by Mel | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  4. Do let us know how the pup is doing. I have an old gal here, she has been snoring and farting something terrible lately.
    As to the Congo, Sensationalism is the food of media, one of the reasons I recommended PIH is because they provide care to the poor…EVERYWHERE
    I guess thats a good thing really.
    I am loving the car , for some reason it makes me think of sam spade..~LOL~

    Nutcase does snore and belch but doesn’t seem to fart too much thank heavens. Anyway, I am hopeful that they won’t pronounce any appalling sentences on him. Asthma seems the most likely diagnosis in view of his age.

    A reporter/photographer friend who is reporting in Haiti said “all they want to hear about now, is orphans”. In the Congo, because there is no simple Western, ‘democratic’ answer to the troubles, ‘they’ don’t want to hear at all. There’s no one group the Western powers or the UN could reasonably side with. Except of course the helpless civilians.

    Comment by Sorrow | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  5. I was reading about the Congo today and I think the image of the story I read will stay with me for a long time. It is almost beyond horror.
    Which is why sunlight on dirty windows is essential.

    Thank you OvaGirl. Yes, I almost couldn’t believe what I read. Which is why it’s so good to be reminded of a certain screaming tomato face – I should come and see how he is these days 🙂
    And hugs – it’s lovely to hear from you.

    Comment by OvaGirl | January 21, 2010 | Reply

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