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Baking Day (I said I was getting stir crazy)

I never do baking days.  Never ever.

But Barney wanted cake two evenings in a row.  “Haven’t you got any cake?” He asked wistfuly.  I forbore to point out that all previous cakes got half eaten and then ‘somebody’ got bored with them.  So it’s probably just because I ought to be crawling around underneath the computer instead, but I suddenly got the urge to make cake.  Farmhouse fruitcake even – really big and takes ages to finish eating it.  And then, I texted him to get more cheese and eggs and started making little quiches – five of them.  I’m scared to go in the kitchen now in case I start something else!

The good thing is I’ve used up all the dried fruit, some of which is probably several years old.  Not all of it was in the recipe but, hey, how much difference is there between chopped up apricots and dates and ancient raisins and sultanas?  (Don’t tell me, it’s too late)

Another very good thing is that the oven kept the kitchen warm which was very nice : ) (Now it’s cooled down, I’m doing a bit of very important tumble drying)

Of course, as well as crawling around under the computer, I ought to be filing all the last year’s worth of bits of paper, to complete the wonderful relief of turning a couple of year’s worth of receipts into kindling.

Yep.  It really needed to be a baking day.

Good Heavens, it’s nearly time to start cooking dinner!

I’d never make a food photographer would I : )

And Look!  We had an icicle!

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  1. I’ve never had a baking day, I did make a cake once but never. ever a quiche – I’m absolutely full of admiration!

    That cake does look good, mmmmmm, you must be the only person to bake what is really a christmas cake in mid January 🙂

    They are only very little qiches ziggi.
    (Actually I think they may really be tarts – I’m not sure. but I shall bask in your admiration anyway, thank you : )
    Cake making need a bit of practice though, I don’t think the oven was quite right and it’s a bit, er, crunchy on top!

    Comment by zIggI | January 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. “Lovely” himself says.
    Bet it tastes “gorgeous” himself says.

    Ya think he’s trying to tell me something?!
    Yeah, well……baking with anything but wheat flour doesn’t quite reap the same results I reminded him.

    THAT got me a huge sigh and you one last drool over the farmhouse fruitcake.
    Don’t tell ME you can’t take photos of food…..LOL He left still drooling!!!!

    We DO have an icicle or two.
    NO farmhouse fruitcake or quiche……but we have the drool over them. THAT oughta count for something, right?

    (well done YOU!!)

    I am hugely flattered by the drooling Mel : ) I feel that counts for a lot!

    Comment by Mel | January 15, 2010 | Reply

  3. this was the first year in more than I care to remember that I didn’t make an xmas cake – so looking at yours (and the baking paper, strangely) is filling my head with lovely smells. . .

    I do like icicles. . . none here, so thanks for sharing yours!


    (what did you fill the quiche with? and did the real man enjoy your efforts!!)

    Bacon, onion, cheddar and a bit of mixed herb and garlic I. And he did – he’d better have anyway!
    There is something nice and old-fashioned and evocative about baking paper isn’t there. The rustliness goes with the smell I think.

    Comment by I, Like The View | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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