Life, photos but not the universe

I spent several hours today, looking at old (very old) till receipts and sorting them into cash, debit card and ‘must keep’ piles.  The debit card pile was huge!!!  So instead of just throwing it on the fire, I twisted them into big handfuls to be used for firelighting.  The cash ones went into the recycling box and the ‘must keep’ ones – well I must keep them somewhere I suppose, in case someone wants to get rid of their Christmas present or my camera lens breaks or … something.

I learnt that I spend a lot of money at Waitrose and make quite a lot of visits both to the dentist and to all the (five) charity shops in town.  I always pay the dentist with a card and I nearly always use cash in charity shops and a card at Waitrose.  I buy a lot of wine.

Meanwhile, on the radio, people were reviling four by four drivers who, in spite of the superior rough surface abilities of their vehicles still managed to inflame the rage and exasperation of ‘ordinary’ car drivers by driving badly.  While I was listening to this, I overheard Barney say, on the phone, to an elderly stamp collecting friend of his, “don’t worry if you can’t get out (to deliver some stamps) – I have a four by four”.

So I snorted a bit.  But to be fair, while Barney is not one of those who believes that behind the wheel of a four by four there is some divine intervention hovering between you and all your actions, I have seen one or two zipping along our narrow, slippery lane as if the snow was just a game for those four – er – gears?  Drives? Anyway, for those to play on.  I’ve had one or two driving querulously up my backside over the packed and icy snow too, and although they didn’t quite have the blithe, idiotic over-confidence to overtake,  they might have regretted their lack of foresight if I had needed to stop.  Because, while all those drives, or whatever they are, are very good for pushing through stuff which is trying to stop you they’re no better than any other set of wheels at stopping you when there’s no friction underneath them.

My computer is behaving oddly.  Or maybe it’s just the USB hub.  Or something.  I have to decide which because if it’s just the hub it may be a simple matter of replacing it but if it’s something more ominous I may need Mr Treasure to come and fix it.  Windows refuses to recognise one of my external hard drives but though it recognises them, it sometimes doesn’t notice the other three.  They’ve got all my photos on them!

Ok.  I think I’ve worked out a strategy.  I’ll turn it all off and disconnect all of them and then reconnect them direct to the computer, avoiding the hub.

Tomorrow.  Not that I’m avoiding dealing with it or anything like that.  I just need to go to bed : )

Sleep well.

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  1. my computer is about to pack up any minute – it keeps crashing and the fan is on constantly and I know it’s not very happy. . . I ought to get it sorted out before I lose everything!

    that last photo is just gorgeous. . .

    oh! just having a small moment of reverie, imagining romping thru that snow or taking Nancy sledging in it (it’s at times like this that I wish they lived in the country – they miss out on so much true childhood memories with city-living)

    hope you slept well


    You need a Mr Treasure I! I’ve got my fingers crossed for your computer.
    The children miss out but they gain too. Cities are exciting places and they have their own magic. And much less mud! I’m beginning to long for a bit of warmth but I know it will bring much more water than we need!

    Comment by I, Like The View | January 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well then…..it seems to be contagious, this ‘putery acting up stuff. *sigh* Silly things..

    And I just gotta say–it looks like home to me. (and now I’ll hum that) Truly–fields covered in whitestuff, snow glued to the bark….brilliant blue skies and a high need to squint. LOL Oh, but isn’t it just gorgeous! (and fun….)
    And I tell himself and tell himself…NO ONE has traction on ice–you in the Jeep, me in the little car…..absolutely NO ONE.

    I swear he lights up and goes ‘wheeeeeee’ every time he slides around a corner (and he says it’s not on purpose…..hahahahaha)

    Actually, Barney did do a couple of skids the other day Mel, just for the hell of it. But it was a flat, empty road so I didn’t tell him off : )
    And yes – it is just gorgeous! And fun, but my feet are freezing!!!!

    Comment by Mel | January 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Ohhhhhh….but wait cuz you’ll get snowmans snow soon!! 🙂

      <– keeps reminding self of that and it's not happened yet, dangitall!

      ? Isn’t the snow already snowman’s snow?

      Comment by Mel | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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