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Weddings and weather and other things

Today (That’s yesterday now) we were invited to the wedding of Middle Girl’s best friend and it was, for me, a very special wedding because I know that if it hadn’t been for our daughter, the bride might not have been alive today.  Some years ago, when they were  only teenagers, middle girl was one of the first to realise that her friend had a very serious, life-threatening illness and was a constant, loyal and committed support to her friend through several subsequent years of difficult treatment and family troubles.

She also recognised that her friend needed a break sometimes from her family.   Not because there was any lack of love or caring but perhaps because there was too much.  So she would bring her here to relax a bit.  Such trust and such commitment. And today I felt very proud to see this sweet and beautiful girl, healthy, married and surviving and to know that  our girl was  instrumental in that survival if not essential to it.

Anyway, they couldn’t have chosen a more spectacularly beautiful day for the wedding.  A charming, country church, sitting in snow blanketed fields with the sun shining – it was also spectacularly cold but no one minded : )

On the home front, Barney has been driven by snowy imprisonment to paint the bathroom.  Isn’t that wonderful.  (note the absence of joyful exclamation marks).  I can only be thankful that after completing the ceiling and one wall he’s decided he has to go to the pub.  Even though he leaves a powerful smell of paint (non-smelling variety apparently – I can only suppose that the advertisers had never spent an afternoon in close proximity to it) behind him.

Not that he’s been driving me mad or anything like that.  It’s just that one gets used to absence making the heart grow fonder and constant presence can be a little wearing.  That’s all.

And I’m loving the snow but I’m getting tired of lugging all the extra layers around with me.  Tights, socks, leg-warmers, cardigans.  It all slows me down.  My snow boots are lovely but it takes twenty minutes to get them on and all properly tucked in.  When I’m fully togged up for cold weather, I feel as if I’m a hundred years old (or a michelin – er – person)!

On the other hand the dog is loving it a lot.  He leaps through the drifts, dolphin-wise, and barks happily at strange looking shadows of ordinary things.

The animals are all convinced that the world has shrunk.  They sneak out the back door and deposit their necessaries in an area which is about ten feet square, just outside the door.  Not a problem at the moment, as it’s all frozen.  We’ll have to watch our steps when it thaws though.

There’s no more room in the inn.  I mean bin.  The rubbish people assure us (automatically when you you phone them) that they are doing their best to catch up with the backlog (That’s us).  The backlog is out by the front gate in a not exactly hopeful heap.  Some of it is suspended on the garage door in black plastic sacks but they can catch up with that next week.  Maybe.


Today, the vet came.  Little tabby Mandu died very quietly, cuddled in my arms and apart from a small protest  when the injection was given, made no fuss and purred a bit just before she died.

Then, lest one should a) become mawkish and b) forget important things about animals one has known, she leaked on me.

This reminded me of the time when Youngest helped me transport her to the vet, carrying the indignant small cat on her lap.  Mandu made few comments on that occasion, but suddenly, Youngest uttered an outraged cry.

“She pee’d on me!!!”

“well they do that under stress”

Yes but….She pee’d on me!!!!”

Nonetheless, I leaked quite a lot while I was tidying away her things and putting her in a suitable place to wait till the ground is soft enough for a burial.  And there is an empty Mandu shaped space on the floor by the dresser where she spent most of her last few months.


Good night.

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