Life, photos but not the universe

Once in a blue moon and a new year begins

And so far, I’m liking it a lot.  I looked up at the sky on New Year’s Eve and thought, that’s a perfect moon.  Like a sixpence in the clouds.  Later, after several people had assured me it wasn’t full and I thought (well it doesn’t look empty to me), we looked it up and sure enough, to end the year, there was a blue moon!  Really.  (Only of course it wasn’t blue because, it seems, they aren’t*).  A blue moon is a full moon occurring for the second time in a calendar month and it’s a very long time since the last blue moon happened on NYE.

*Actually, who says?  This is blue isn’t it?

(Ah the wonders of the virtual world : )

And we had fireworks

And the bonfire

The champagne will be opened and ready on the stroke of midnight if Youngest has any say in the matter

(Actually, having a say isn’t as good as just taking over the task and getting right down to it so she did and it was)

We had a gently enjoyable party (a few people missing who were much missed but who I hope were having a wonderful time too) and this morning arrived with sunshine.

Now, I’m reheating leftovers (of which we have far too many) and gradually finding the house underneath all the chaos left behind after the party.  Also, washing the glasses.  And wondering where little thin Mandu cat has got to.  She managed to escape last night, about an hour before the fireworks started and since we had Jess, the spaniel pup visiting, Mandu wasn’t keen to be around.  Jess has been gone for at least three  hours and dinner time has been and gone and Mandu hasn’t appeared yet.

Now there’s a wonderful frost and another brilliant (but not blue) moon and My Word!  It’s a bit jolly chilly around here.  I may take myself off to bed.

I hope the sun shone on your first day of the new year too and wherever you are, if you see a huge not-quite-full moon out there, I’m looking at it too.



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  1. beautiful photos! looks like you all had a wonderful time!! I saw the moon. . . thru the clouds


    hope you had some help with the washing up, and all the left-overs were eaten, and Mandu returned, and you were made a lovely cup of coffee and sat down with a ciggie and had a nice rest!


    I think all that did happen I thank you.
    It was a very perfectly full moon wasn’t it 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | January 2, 2010 | Reply

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