Life, photos but not the universe

So where have all the marbles gone?

Today, Barney was supposed to be up before the crack (which, by the way, is getting earlier again, as the sunset is getting later) to set off to the far side of the country and fetch his Dad over for NYE.  But after the power cut, he set his alarm clock an hour late.

And yesterday, I went to get sausages and finding the butcher was closed, I thoughtfully peered at the timetable on his door and carefully noted when he was planning to be open – last week!

More coffee!!!!

And which day is it today anyway?

I don’t know why Christmas on a weekday is so destructive of rational thought but it seems to be playing havoc with ours.  (I’m assuming we used to do it – rational I mean.  And thought, for that matter).

And today, we notice that although our rubbish collection timetable seems to say they won’t be collecting the recycling today, next door have put their recycling boxes out.  I studied the recycling timetable very carefully and I’m sure it says it’s not our week this week.  So maybe next door are having a bit of trouble too.  And the regular rubbish wasn’t collected last week, presumably because of the snow, (it doesn’t take much to put them off) so we have a bulging bin out there.  And overflowing recycling boxes but that can’t be helped.

Ah well.  With or without marbles, preparations must go on.  I’m off to wield a hoover 🙂


(if I’m not back before it begins 🙂



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  1. the only way to find a marble is to walk barefoot in the night, then you’re bound to find at least one, either that or a piece of lego, or a pile of cat sick.

    Happy New Year Mig

    The days of barefoot lego searches are over, in our household, ziggi but the cat sick (or worse) can still be found in this way.
    Marbles? I’ve forgotten what they are!
    Happy New Year to you too 🙂

    Comment by zIggI | December 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. a very very happy new year, mig

    and lots of love for you and your lovely family

    and have a great party

    and and and

    and lots more wonderful photos, please, in 2010. . .



    I like the sound of the ‘and and and’ I : ) I’m sure I could use some of them : )
    Very very happy NY to you too and to your lovely children.
    xxxxxx hugs, wishes for all good things.
    (Party was good, thank you : )

    Comment by I, Like The View | December 31, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh LOOK!! A heron!!!


    And a very happy New Year for you, ma’am.
    With no piles of cat sick…..*gak*

    k…..the thought of stepping into that ALONE makes me queasy….

    ((((((((((( Mig and himself ))))))))))

    <– keeps her marbles in a jar (so I'm not at risk of losin' 'em of course….LOL)

    I should keep mine in a jar too when I find them Mel : ) Then make a note of where the jar is kept.
    No piles! No nasties at all and a very happy evening altogether : )
    And well spotted that woman!
    : )
    Hugs to you and the lovely Brit and the gorgeous bug and her Mum and pushover too : )

    Comment by Mel | January 1, 2010 | Reply

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