Life, photos but not the universe

Under siege – routine him belong me gone altogether buggerup!

We’ve got wild and stormy winds today* and I notice the cold is coming in quite briskly through one or two windows – notably the bathroom window (just behind the loo as it happens).  No surprise to wake up to a power cut today either.

Mandu, the little skinny cat is back from her holiday at the kennels, where, I’m told, she was quite happy and ate a lot.  No change there then and no change here now she’s back.  I still have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t forget herself and make unwelcome deposits.  Not to mention picking her up every five minutes and putting her up on the feeding shelf in case she’s too weak with hunger to get herself up there!

And, it being the frozen festive season, Barney is at home.  Has been for, ooh, about ten days now.  This is, of course, very nice.  Maybe a trifle disruptive?  Just a little trifle?

I think I’m going to make some coffee now.  That’ll help keep me calm.  And alert.  And on the ball.  And ready for his next foray into the kitchen.  Which will be to do with NYE.

The party, as usual, has invited itself and we need to be making a bit of stuff for people to eat.  Namely, cassoulet, curry, meatballs, rice, potatoes and trimmings.  And the house might get cleaned a bit (though at least I won’t have to do any washing up since I have an unlimited supply of clean dishes at my disposal)  And I do need to work out who wants to stay the night and where they might be sleeping.  (Eldest tells me the blow-up bed deflates during the night – this could be a problem!)

Meanwhile, my cold is going its second round.  Barney told me it would and naturally, I assumed that being a woman and one with a thoroughly unhealthy lifestyle at that and also being just generally hardy and resilient, it wouldn’t dare return to me.  But it seems to be doing so in spite of all that.  My diaphragm aches with night-long coughing – which of course I deserve since I haven’t stopped smoking while I was snuffling and I have a sore throat!  (Damned cheek all the same!)

So in preparation for all the forthcoming excitement, I went out with the camera on what may turn out to be the last sunny, frosty morning for a while.

I’m quite glad I did.

I can’t thinkwho the idiot was that left – er – my car parked there!

Going to bed with cough medicine now.

Sleep well 🙂

*Did I mention rain?  Bucketsful!


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  1. those photos are a sight for my sore eyes

    it p*ssed down all day long here!

    glad you have unlimited clean crockery, and that B is at home to help clear up after your party!

    can you really smoke thru your cold? it’s the first thing that goes for me, when I’m ill. . . and then, when I fancy one again, I know I’m on the mend

    (did you see that programme about Sting tonight? made me think of you and your fiddle players!)

    P*ssing down here again today I! How quickly we get used to nice weather : )
    I do stop smoking when I’m ill but a cold doesn’t really count as illness. More as an uncomfortable nuisance.
    I missed the programme though. I think we watched something improving – Barney’s very keen on documentary and quizzes.

    Comment by I, Like The View | December 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Whoa.
    Parked car or not– Cool!

    And with the luxury of endless clean dishes–that frees you up for more photos and rest between.

    k….probably should be rest with an OCCASIONAL photo inbetween?

    (((((((( Mig ))))))))))

    Feel better soon.
    Dang colds….

    And Rawwwr : )
    I shall be better soon definitely Mel : ) And while the weather is like this the photos will be very occasional. (So so lucky to have had the sun on Christmas day when all the little ones were here)

    Comment by Mel | December 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. Love the photos! I’m sorry you’re sick over the holidays. I still miss smoking – it was 5 years on 12-11 and I’m still homesick for my old friend. 😦 That is also the anniversary of my “heart stopping” heart attack.. sooooo..
    I did have one the end of September this year, when it seemed my daughter’s world was falling apart. I didn’t get through it LOL chest pains and difficulty breathing stopped me at half the cigarette. So sad!! 🙂
    Have a wonderful New Year

    Comment by Betty | December 30, 2009 | Reply

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