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From snow to the post office and bird feeding stations in between

Decisions decisions.  Not mine though.  Will Eldest come down for Christmas, bringing the lovely, boisterous, ebullient and cat-chasing Marmite* dog?

If so, I think we will bundle our little, thin, fragile, old Mandu cat into a container of some sort and take her to the local kennel/cattery place. W here, hopefully she can be kept warm and safe indoors till the Marmite Monster has gone.  We know that Jess the big spaniel pup will be bringing her family actually so perhaps we’ll bundle Mandu anyway.

Thing is, both cats have total control over Nutcase – he daren’t even go through a door if one of them is by it.  They just aren’t prepared to argue the toss with either a large golden, Alsatian/Lab sort of thing, or a large black and white love-everything-to-death, high-speed Spaniel pup.  Tosca is the queen of high places.  If there’s a shelf available she’ll sit on it and defy a dog to come anywhere near her.  Mandu keeps her feet on the ground.  When visitors, of an over-excitable canine nature, arrive, she tends to vanish out into the cold and dark till they’ve left.  I don’t think she’s up to it this year.

So  it’s into a box and away with her to a safer place.  (Don’t know what we’ll do if they’re full!)

Meanwhile, it’s snowing!  Lots!

I got my lovely Mr Treasure to call in and fix the printer, frantically printed, wrote, labelled and enveloped fifty more cards and set off to rush to the post office but in fact had to drive very very slowly through falling snow on slippy roads, only to find that the post office computer was ‘down’ and so I could only buy a lot of stamps from the shop counter.  Parcels – no go!  Oh woe!  No presents for people in the far North till after Christmas!

Speaking of presents, here are the very first visitors to my birthday present 🙂 (taken through a very dirty window so you can hardly see them!)  Barney said it would be a robin and I said it might be a blue tit.  Robin came first by a very short flutter.  And today there were a nuthatch and a woodpecker.

And speaking of snow

I know some people would think this was just a dusting but Nutmeg thought it was quite a lot 🙂

Now I might consider a quick night time snap or two if I can find the tripod.

Good night 🙂

*Ooh!  Spell check hasn’t heard of Marmite!  Weird.


December 22, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Oh how lovely……it’s fairytale like.
    *happy sigh*

    I’m go glad you got snow.

    And whoever thought of birdie feeders was a very smart and loving person! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Month to you!! 🙂

    Thank you Mel dear 🙂 And then we got more snow, really, who needs birthdays (except the birds of course:)

    Comment by Mel | December 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. it’s all very industrious your end dear mig, I’m afraid I haven’t managed to get around to my cards, so I doubt they’ll be out for xmas (perhaps the fact I send summer postcards will make up for it?!)

    beautiful bird feeder!!!!

    lovely snow too, the children are very envious (not much has fallen here) of what they see on the news, and I often wish we lived in the countryside just so they could have that joy of rushing about in a garden – tongue out to catch the flakes – throwing snowballs, digging around in a garage to find the sledge or toboggan (what’s the difference?) and trekking off to the local hill. . .

    oh well! they have a lot here!


    hope you have time to rest before the big day


    Your summer postcards are more than enough fun and delight I and would make up for almost anything. My Christmas cards, this year, were a rather feeble effort from the start! Next year (I make no promises) I ought to get some decent paper and print pretty ones with borders instead of a random set of sad looking thin weedy things.
    The bird feeder is going to be fun I think.
    Our children used to love the country when it was snowing but they all thought they would be happier living in town!
    I hope you have time to rest too 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | December 22, 2009 | Reply

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