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After the party’s over

Eee it’s a bit cold today!

I tried warming up by getting a third load of dishwashing in (from last night’s party excesses) and then gave up and made a large amount of coffee.  Later I realised that in the heat of several moments, last night, we turned the heating off and no-one had turned it back on.  Phew, that’s better.

Last night began with us worrying about the heat of the curries and making a huge amount of extra raita with cucumber, mint and coriander (cool, cool and tasty, respectively) and ended with me making coffee.

Barney likes his curries hotter than quite a lot of people and I like my coffee stronger than nearly everyone in the world (except all those lovely old bearded men in places like Turkey and Greece who drink it in cups the size of a spoon and in which a spoon could balance in the grounds at the bottom of the cup).

Anyway the curry seemed a manageable strength for everyone and then I made coffee for eight.  One (strong) for me, one (“I like it really strong and black”) diluted by half, three (“Oh I like strong coffee”) diluted by about three quarters and one (“could I have it really weak with lots of milk”) with a teaspoonful of coffee topped up with lots of milk and water.  Oh and of course one (“could I have tea oh no that would be a pain I’ll have coffee too”) tea.  Ok, for seven then.  Well actually for six and one tea.  I think I’ve got it right now.  They all seemed to be drinking it.

I used to have a problem with asking for strong tea.  People assumed that I meant quite weak with a little bit of milk whereas I mean really quite strong with quite a lot of milk.  Now I get a similar thing happening when I ask people how strong they like their coffee.  Ooh very strong they say, and a tiny bit of milk.  They mean, of course, quite weak with a little bit of milk.  Different ways of achieving a similar colour in your cup.  And also descriptions of different things.  I’m describing one of the two or three ingredients of a cup of coffee (or tea) and most people are describing the finished product.  It’s so easy to get wires crossed isn’t it : )

Also the magnificent Mr Mills had brought a 47 inch TV screen for us to watch photo shows.  Now it seems to me that you ought to describe TV screens with at least one more dimension and then perhaps manufacturers would have to pay attention to the proportions of what you’re watching.  As it is, everyone gets very enthusiastic about ‘wide screen viewing’ and about that new thing where it’s all very , er, clear? bright? sharp?  Oh yes, High Definition.

Whereas I get very cross about big, wide squat people slithering across miles of wide screen.  I’m exasperated by wild animals with long, thin bodies and short fat legs and I get particularly grumpy about photos, carefully cropped to make the most of the composition, suddenly turning into wide, flat compositions with elongated bridges and weirdly distorted buildings.

And thus I wonder whether, when the optician says people get used to using a different strength of lens in each eye, she actually means people don’t care very much about seeing one and a bit of everything with a touch of blur between them.  Because, so far, my brain is not choosing one lens or the other to look through but insists of using both. And it occurs to me that this isn’t such a bad thing when driving because you need both eyes to judge distance and even slightly blurry distance is better than flat!  On the other hand I don’t think there’s the smallest chance of me getting used to reading a blurry computer screen even though it’s perfectly feasible.  Further, this effect is (quite a lot) worse than useless if you want to know whether the last batch of photos were in focus or not.

Of course, if the optician is able to assure me that people learn to see properly with one eye at a time it probably means I’m just not very good at it.  But if she doesn’t know what people are doing with their odd eyes but they aren’t complaining about it it may be that they just can’t be bothered to judge the quality of their vision any more than they apparently judge the proportions of wide screen viewing.

I have a friend who had laser treatment and joyfully ditched all her glasses and lenses.  It’s making me wonder what laser treatment could do for me.  It’s not that my eyesight is particularly bad.  I can get around well enough without any glasses or lenses though I can’t, legally, drive.  It’s just that I want to see PROPERLY  not just well enough to get around.  (Am I just being unrealistic?)

See that little row of houses along the edge of the field?  I drive along a road on the other side of them nearly every day and I never realised all this was behind them.  It’s nice to see a new view.

Anyway, it’s time to put the lenses back in.  Yesterday was their day off (once a week, they have to have a day off, I was told) so maybe today the brain will get the idea.


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  1. I totally understand about the tea and coffee (tea, I don’t care what it’s like, so long as it has lots of sugar; coffee I really only like if it’s quite strong – meaning, made with lots and lots of crushed beany things – and has hot milk in it. . . hot full fat milk)(I was behind someone the other day in a queue for coffee and she asked for a decaf coffee with low fat milk and I really did wonder what the point of that was!)(or perhaps she had some allergies or something, so mean old me for thinking she was strange)

    and the new fangled tv thing is annoying: either the image doesn’t fit the screen and you want to chop the extra inches of hardware off, or – as you say – the image is all pulled out of shape like a jumper ruined in a wash. . .

    glad the curry was good (raita is so yummy with curry!)


    I‘ve always wondered why people bother with decaf and thin milk. It’s like not having coffee and then not having milk in it! Well it would be for me because I like mine just like yours and otherwise it’s just a hot, brown drink 🙂
    But then there are even weirder things – Barney’s cousin and her husband drink hot water! You’d need to get the temperature just right otherwise there wouldn’t be much to enjoy in it!

    (Raita is a very good thing 🙂

    (jumper ruined in the wash – I like that 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | November 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. What a splendid view……

    More coffee, less milk ty. Black if it’s between 11am and 5pm. Why? …..umm…..dunno…. Cuz!
    Milk? Coffee creamer and a bit of sugar until 11 and after 5. Why? …..heck if I know….LOL

    I don’t do well with *looking around for witnesses* piss water. My staff lable my coffee ‘toxic’ and warn people not to drink it. More for ME! So that works.
    I don’t get this decaff stuff and I don’t get weak coffee. I mean really–what’s the point? Drinking coloured water just makes no sense in this brain. Drinking hot water ON PURPOSE–even less sense.
    But hey….. MORE COFFEE FOR ME!

    See how that works? LOL

    That works Mel 🙂
    Seems to me that we three have it exactly right between us. A few tasteful variations on a strong theme 🙂

    Comment by Mel | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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