Life, photos but not the universe

Has anybody lost some weight

I think I’ve found it.

Oh dear!  I think I may have to do something about this.  Advertise perhaps – about a stone and a half of  weight , free to collect.  Unwanted gift?

The other day it rained steadily and the tumble dryer steamed up the windows nicely. But every now and then you could feel the atmosphere lightening a bit and a tentative thread of sunlight made it all look freshly washed.

Been like this on and off for a few days but today it’s sunny and windy and fresh.

The leaves are carpeting the roadsides and the russet oak trees are getting threadbare against clouds shaded from indigo to white.

And then, at night, it’s been quite clear when I take the dog out.  We amble across the field, shivering a bit after a day in the warm fugginess and I enjoy the stars and he enjoys the smells .  The moon has also been up, both fat and round and tiny and crescent-shaped.  All the more magical for the contrast with the damp days and the odd softly foggy night When owls sound very near and sudden and the sound of water dripping  from the trees can be heard right across the field.

Last night, out of an almost clear sky with a few, very white, moonlit clouds, there was suddenly a silent flash of lightning on the horizon.  Or maybe it was a meteor arriving?  A UFO (Unidentified flashing object).  Then an owl flew over our heads, so close I could almost feel the air movement.  Actually it seemed like a good moment to go back inside.  Silent lightning is aways a tiny bit disconcerting (and a UFO would be even more so).

I need coffee now.  I’ve been trying to be out with the camera when those moments of sunshine happen.  So far I haven’t managed very many.  But it’s been nice going out to look.




Tonight, I went out  to a Newbury Flickr group meet.  It’s quite fun in a gentle sort of way.  The Newbury group is quite – parochial. But the two lads who run the group are very likable and make me feel a bit motherly.  Or perhaps, as I’m definitely not the maternal kind, like a good old fashioned Auntie : )

There was a time when I was horrified that I had sort of* nieces and nephews who might call me Auntie.  It had a decidedly old and wrinkled feel to it the idea of being an Auntie.  Things change.

Anyway, tomorrow night is the night when all the canal holiday companions are coming over for curry and mind-numbing photo viewing.  I’ve ‘created’, as Picasa puts it, a ‘video’ **(Picasa’s description again) of a selection of photos and my lovely photographer friend, the Gem, has a selection to bring as well.  Marvellous Mr Mills is bringing a big screen and we’re all going to sit and relive the wonders of the canals.  And eat lots of curry.

Well there’s a good bit of tidying and cleaning to do.  Perhaps I can throw out some of that unwanted weight while I’m at it. Also, the other day Barney tidied away all his heaps of clothes – I couldn’t believe it when I saw the empty floor.  Until I saw the full washing basket : )

Here’s a  link to some rather wonderful photos of change in China along the Yangtze River.  I almost wonder whether to tell Barney I’d like to go there instead of Venice for my 60th birthday.

But there are waters and magic in sinking Venice too.   What a fabulous, beautiful world we still have.  Oh I so hope the luck or intent that gave us this planet to call home won’t run out.  I so hope that we haven’t taken greed and blindness so far that it’s too late to keep the magic of wildernesses.

*Some of them were the children of my half sister and some of them, of my step sisters.  (Who happened also to be my cousins.  My family tree is decidedly convoluted and unconventional)

**This means a slideshow interspersed with a few text slides.  I could add music – at least Picasa says I could.  I’m not sure how but it would be fun if I can find time to work out how to do it 🙂


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  1. I always find it’s amazing how much one can stuff into a washing basket. . .

    . . .kind of the opposite of a suitcase on the way home from a holiday. . .

    . . .curry and canal photos sounds delightful!

    lovely glimpses of autumnal countryside – thank you!

    Washing looms large in the daily grind I, and it’s like milk – once you let it out of the basket it gets bigger!
    Not that I keep milk in a basket of course, that would be silly.
    The canal photo ‘video’ lasts 45 minutes. I hope it’s not going to be too much like the days when Mum and Dad showed their holiday photos to their friends! At least we were all there 🙂 (as in, you needed to be there 🙂

    Comment by I, Like The View | November 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Dang….. Ordinarily I’d grimace and be polite about that ‘slideshow’ thingy–but it’s YOUR photos so I would happily take a place on the floor with a bowl of popcorn.
    Only 45 minutes worth of photos? 😦

    Ah well, we could watch twice! 🙂

    Actually you’ve seen most of them Mel 🙂 They seemed to go down quite well with a curry. (But popcorn could be provided 🙂

    Comment by Mel | November 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’m a great aunt, a situation I veer from feeling horrified by and how laughingly splendid it is.

    Well I imagine you can carry that off splendidly Thursday 🙂 I am a half-great Aunt myself but I don’t know the great nieces very well.

    Comment by Thursday | November 28, 2009 | Reply

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