Life, photos but not the universe

More gifts

I’ll just show you the pictures shall I?

DSC_0592-1Strangely enough, only the night before, we’d watched a TV programme about Fallow deer in the rutting season (now) and when I saw him crossing the road towards where I was standing, I knew he would be a trifle distracted – possibly a bit feisty and not too timid.  And fortunately, the dog was safe in the car just then (stags are more than usually sensitive about wolf-like creatures during the rut), as I had just stopped by the road to try and get a few Autumn colour photos.   the sun went behind a cloud and this magnificent fellow came out : )


View from  the churchyard


What I found inside the church


I have to say, after getting my very own wildlife show of the Fallow deer stag, it seemed as though I might just as well go home and dribble goofily over the photos but the countryside was so lovely and Farnborough church so inviting that I decided to be greedy instead and look for more wonders.  It was worth it.  That window was such a discovery!  Somehow incorporating a modern vision with the genuine feel of ancient glass window art.  I will have to go back and find out more about the church.  (At the time I just wandered around, open mouthed and snapping away dementedly, occasionally saying Oh Look!!!! and completely forgetting to check out the artist*, the name of the church* – anything really  : )

And later, a buzzard, glimpsed through the hedge


Even more to come

: )

*Update: I had a look for the church online.  It’s The Church of All Saints in Farnborough, Berkshire, (the highest village in the Berkshire Downs).  John Betjeman lived in the Old Rectory for a time and the window was a memorial to him, made by his friend, the artist, John Piper.  I think I might get hooked on visiting churches with his windows in them!

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  1. more gifts indeed. . .

    and even more in the clicks!! the Tree of Life reminds me of these in a way. . .


    Oh aren’t they fabulous! I love stained glass.

    Comment by I, Like The View | October 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. (oh, and I really really love the way the bell pulls are framing your photo of the church window. . .)(XXXX)

    There’s something gently pleasing about neatly hung bell ropes – I’ve noticed it before in bell towers. They do bell ringing just up the road from us. I ought to see if theyd let me get some photos of them practising!

    Comment by I, Like The View | October 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh my gosh…….

    *going to make ’em BIG*

    They’re absolutely awesome.
    I’m glad you were greedy. LOL
    Works for me! (another greedy soul!)

    Soulmate 🙂

    Comment by Mel | October 30, 2009 | Reply

    • He has freckles on his butt. *laughing*

      Freckles LOL 🙂 I bet the ladies love them 🙂

      Comment by Mel | October 30, 2009 | Reply

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