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I am pleased to announce that my computer hardware has passed the following tests.

Bit low test

Bit high test

Nibble move test

Checkerboard test

Walking one left test

Walking one right test

It told me so the other night.  (There’s a few more tests it passed but I am especially pleased about these, especially the nibble move test.  What use is a computer which doesn’t do the nibble move correctly?)

I’ve been rehearsing today in a performance of Benjamin Britten”s ‘Noyes Fludde’  (Noah’s Flood to you and me : ).  the church was very cold and the rehearsals seemed to go on a long time – orchestra rehearsal (with stops and restarts), dress rehearsal (also with stops and restarts) and a full run through.  My feet have returned now but there was a period when I seemed to have mislaid all my extremities.  And I swear the Voice of God (The local vicar) fell asleep once or twice.  Towards the end of the rehearsals he began to sound a bit thin and querulous and I thought “come on Voice, big it up a bit”.

I had occasion to consider calling on Him during the week when I parked the car in a ditch.  Literally.  Watching a big puddle on the off side, I very gently, even carefully, put the nearside front wheel in a big hole.  The car sat there with one rear wheel in the air looking for all the world like a round legged dog, having a pee.  This was when I discovered that the last time I put new breakdown insurance documents in the car was 2006.  Not a lot of use then.

On occasions like this, after a certain amount of cursing,  I can’t help muttering something vaguely pleading in the general direction of the sky and then thinking “I want my Mummy!!!”  Fortunately, before any of these tried, tested and invariably unproductive activities were put to the test, a very kind man stopped and pulled me out.  Pulled the car out that is.  I just got wet feet as I’d failed to avoid the puddle or the ditch.

I decided not to go for a wander down the footpath and went home instead.  I felt that one senior moment involving ditches might lead to further embarrassments if I didn’t get the old dear quickly and safely tucked in behind her own front door. (You’ll notice I disassociate myself from her even though she was definitely me)

So after this, I felt slightly nervous about my next adventure which involved spending money.  Nonetheless, I took the step of purchasing a certain gadget, of which I have spoken before, namely an Eee pc 1005HA Seashell.  What a mouthful!  It’s a little netbook with 1 Gb of ROM, 160 Gb of RAM (or have I still got ram and rom back to front – I can never remember) and up to 9 and 1/2 hours hours battery life (going downhill with a following wind).  That’s probably about 7 hours in real life but it’s still long enough to download quite a lot of photos between charges.

Now I shall need to get Mr Treasure to come and set it up for me and then I can consider the possibility of giving Barney his very own (my old) laptop.  He won’t like it at first but I’m sure he’ll come round.  I haven’t told him yet either that we are now a three computer family or that he is going to be upgraded to a laptop owner.  I’ll have to pick my moment.

Mr Treasure’s coming today : )

I apologise for a brief  excess of nautical terminology – I blame the duck.

The admiral

The admiral

Flight path

Flight path



radio operator?

radio operator?

Lookout (minding the shop actually)

Lookout (minding the shop actually)

Cows.  Drinking.

Cows. Drinking.

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  1. Makes me wonder how long it’s been since i updated any of the paper work in the car>>
    I have an adolescent driver, perhaps i should peek.
    Thinking that himself might like the laptop and not grumble over much..
    unless of course that is his want..
    ( men, the little dears…)(
    so Are the photo’s from a foot jaunt? or from the car ditch excursion?

    Ah well Sorrow, I didn’t mention that himself is a self confessed dinosaur where computers are concerned. He’d rather I wrestled with his junk email and delivered him the nice tidy results.
    Photos from a recent canal holiday, the car ditch adventure yielded up little other than wet feet 🙂

    Comment by Sorrow | October 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Duckies!!!!!!!

    Baby duckies even! Aren’t they just too cute….

    Himself will like the laptop if there’s no dinosaur in the corner. (which means hide the other, hand him the laptop–and then duck lower and run faster……LOL)

    Thought you’d like the ducks Mel 🙂
    Hey, you know what, I think he’d like the laptop better if it did come with a dinosaur in the corner 🙂 He’s proud of his dinosaur status! I shall have to look for dinosaur sticker 🙂

    Comment by Mel | October 22, 2009 | Reply

    • OH!! OH!!!!

      Look really hard and find him one that says “RAWRRR and stuffs……I’m a dinosaur!”

      Toy store maybe? He’ll love it. AND you can teach him to RAWR! 🙂
      That’d be great fun!

      Oh brilliant Mel. Or I could get something that goes “RAWRRR, DINOSAUR” as soon as he turns it on – instead of that polite little “welcome” bingley beep you get if you leave it alone 🙂 I can see that this is going to be fun!
      ‘course I haven’t decided yet if he could cope with his own, rather slow laptop 🙂

      Comment by Mel | October 22, 2009 | Reply

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