Life, photos but not the universe

Nightlights and dentistry.

Oh woe is me.  I went to the hygeinist yesterday.   While this is never a fun activity, it seems in recent months to have been maybe a little less stressful – maybe even a little less painful.  I’m even developing a bit of a relationship with the woman.  So much easier when the sight of her face doesn’t make mine go into a kind of spasm of terror.

So I hadn’t mentally prepared myself at all. And lo and behold, when she gently poked her little pointy implement into all those ‘deep pockets’ there was a chorus of protest from nearly all the bits at the bottoms of the pockets, with added mumbles and squeaks from me.  (Also, later, from my not so deep pocket when she told me how much the next lot of treatment would cost me).  Ok, so although I’ve done well and kept my teeth quite clean, the ‘pockets’ are getting deeper.  Meanwhile, she needed to ‘flush them out’ until next time when she’d do a ‘Florida probing’.

What’s that when it’s at home then?  Or more to the point when it’s in here where I’m normally at home?  I only suggested we might consider using an anesthetic before scraping at those depths between my gums and my teeth.   I’m wondering why they couldn’t squirt a little bit of something anesthetic into those pockets before flushing them out with iced water and attacking them with the little screamy hornet sounding thing which apparently isn’t made of electrified steel with barbed wire spikes on it at all, but of nylon.*

Oh well.  I suppose I’ll find out.

Meanwhile I’m wondering why I’ve had no response to two texts and an ansaphone message to my beloved one, who is away working on a distant roof.

I’m also thinking that the reason why my typos have multiplied recently is that the new computer has a new keyboard with slightly stiffer keys and everything arranged slightly differently. It’s certainly not that I’m getting a touch of  that thing that Terry Pratchett was talking about on TV when he said the particular form his Alzheimers takes, makes it impossible to type.  Oh no.  It’s not that!

Well.  As I’m a straw widow this week, I’ve deposited the dog with the daughter and I’m setting off to Bristol today.  Just because I can, though I thought I had reason (which I now can’t remember) to go to Ikea.  There might also have been the possibility of visiting various family but one was busy and t’other had food poisoning.  It was quite a relief to get to the daughter’s last night and check that the rest of the world is still there.  Also delightful to read bedtime stories to three small cuddly people.  Anyway, after failing to buy a superking sized quilt cover in Ikea (Mothercare may go up to ten but Ikea dosn’t go up to superking), I set off homewards and then veered off into the countryside.  It was a nice evening.

On my travels I saw the sun


And the moon


Which, contrary to popular belief, is not made of cheese at all, it’s a bunch of bananas


Or possibly a handful of mandarin slices – oops! dropped them

DSC_9312Goodnight. : )

*I’m gradually learning what these people have been doing inside the cavernous parts of my mouth – I hate being in ignorance of what’s going on in there.  It helps my nerves to know that I’m not being scrubbed with a wire brush but a nylon one – now I can imagine something a bit like a toothbrush instead of something I’d use on a burnt saucepan.


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  1. OH that is painful. I’ve had my own recent and very overdue visits with the dentist lately. They numbed my mouth before doing the deep cleaning. Not looking forward to the next round of work..

    And then you have to go around with a numb face for ages and that’s not fun either Betty!

    Comment by Betty | October 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. I hate the dentist.
    don’t like them one bit, it’s not so much the poking and prodding, it’s the SOUND….
    you have my heart felt sympathies..
    and I like your banana moon, it reminds me of my star of david moon..
    never have gotten the hang of time lapse on a digital…

    I so agree Sorrow, the sound is awful too! It’s just not right having all that noise going on, apparently, inside your head!
    (It took me nearly and hour to get the camera set up to do the one shot that did more or less come out. I couldn’t find the time delay button in the dark!)

    Comment by Sorrow | October 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. I received a reminder for the dentist recently

    still haven’t made the appointment. . .

    the only time I went to the hygeinist, I left half way thru – it was so awful

    I’m not keen on dentists – but I do like my own teeth, it’s a tricky balance

    (my children have only ever had wonderful dentists so they don’t have the same feeling about the profession as I do)

    lovely bunch of bananas!


    I’m not particularly fond of my teeth I but I do feel that they probably work better than dentures would or I’d just have the lot out! I don’t understand why they can’t dust dribble some anesthetic in the tender bits. Still, it’s worth keeping on going because it does make a difference to the poor old ivories 🙂

    Yes, my children are the same. Never minded the dentist much at all. And of course what with the fluoride their teeth are better than mine were anyway.

    Comment by I, Like The View | October 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. oooo you must have passed quite close to me on your way there and back – one day stop! 🙂

    Dentists – ugh!

    Really ziggi? I thought you lived more sort of South of me. Yes please 🙂
    Ugh indeed! And Grlg and Urrg and gottle of geer. Occasionally Gaaah. It’s amazing how articulate you can get with your mouth stuck open!

    Comment by zIggI | October 16, 2009 | Reply

  5. <– clamping her jaw tight and shaking her head at the thought of it all.

    I can hear the scraping noise.


    I think they oughta put us all nite-nite and do their business while we're sleeping.

    But I'm sure reading bedtime stories and moons of bananas and tangerines made up for the other. 🙂

    At least I got some sympathy here Mel 🙂 And sometimes I do think I’d like to not know anything about it!

    Comment by Mel | October 17, 2009 | Reply

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