Life, photos but not the universe

Off any minute

Well soon anyway.

Things I absolutely must remember in the next day and a bit

1. Wear apron at all times in the kitchen.  (last wash going in soon. I might want to wear some of that stuff I’m wearing now when I’m away – Oh damnit all!  I forgot to wash the apron)

2.The dog (not just to take him with us but also to deflea, deworm and demoult him and his basket before we go)

3. Key and marjoram plant for next door (so they can feed and love the cats while we’re away and nurture my marjoram plant)

4. Canals are just as much fun in the pouring rain as in the sunshine (it just started to rain but I don’t care, lalalalala – la)

5. Dry the washing (so I can take some of it with me)

6. Do the washing (oops!)

7. Don’t get involved with blogs, photos or email till I’ve done everything else (oh.  well.  um. Everything else?  All of it?Hmm)

8. Go to bed early (yep.  promise.  I’ll do it tonight – that’ll be enough won’t it?  One early bed?)

9. Get up early (Ooh last chance tomorrow!)

10. OMG I knew I’d forget something.

We won’t have any internet for the next longish time.  What’s more, we won’t have proper power for charging batteries and stuff which threw me into a flat spin the minute I read the holiday bumff, since my laptop battery only lasts an hour and a bit and I don’t have anything like enough memory cards for all that canal beauty I’ll be seeing and my little storage hard drive died in India.

So, lots of panic internet viewing of charging gadgets and BIG SD cards and lots of serious investigation of the most delightful looking little netbook (9 hours battery life, 160 gigs of ram and 2? really? gigs of rom – I’m really not sure if I’ve got that the right way round but you  know, memory for pics and memory for doing stuff – and really good reviews.)  And a really really big price tag.  And two days to get it here – of course no one’s selling it in store.

So I quickly and efficiently (ahrem) ordered some big SD cards and an incar camera battery charger (the boat boasts a cigarette lighter type power point for charging mobiles)  and of course they haven’t arrived.  So before I do all the things I mustn’t forget I need to rush off and buy these things in Reading so then I’ll have twice as much as I need of all of them which won’t be a very bad thing will it?  Well I know at least one Nikon user who might have a use for the extra  battery charger!

Ok.  It’s pouring with rain.  Must be time to go.  I seem to have forgotten #7 don’t I : )

Later, having returned triumphant, with 16 Gigs of SD card and a few bits of bread and bacon and stuff, and also having packed a large number of big bags full to bursting with all kinds of absolutely essential items I am seriously confused to find that on my list, near the bottom, along with ‘dog treats’ and ‘buy nail clippers’, it says ‘white cotton”

What white cotton?  White cotton what?  What was I talking about?  What do I mean? I don’t have any white cotton (unless you count a couple of sheets – ooh I wonder if there’s sheets on the boat?)P1480784-1See you when I get back.  Hope the weather keeps nice for us all.


?:0  White cotton?


August 29, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. OH.

    Oh, I’m going to be treated to lovely photos of another adventure!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh…..I think I’m getting envious. Or…….impatient……..

    Definitely envious……LOL

    Safe journey.

    White cotton……somethingorother. *laughing* I know it’ll come to you somewhere in the middle of the adventure…….

    Yeah! Like when I suddenly think oh if only I’d brought a ….. Oh that white cotton!

    Thank you Mel. Will enjoy 🙂

    Comment by Mel | August 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. cotton buds, cotton wool. . . it’s too late now anyhow!

    and the sun is shining today!!! hurrah

    hope you have/had a lovely lovely time


    will be thinking of you, messing about on the river


    It was wonderful dear I, absolutely lovely:) and it’s wonderful to be back too 🙂
    (Oh and it was just white cotton – thread. In case I had to fix something that isn’t black!)

    Comment by I, Like The View | August 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. waving!
    and wishing you a wonderful trip!
    white cotton or not!

    thank you Sorrow – it was great : )

    Comment by Sorrow | September 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. Oh, I know you’ve had wonderful weather for the adventures!!

    I do hope you’re enjoying every moment!

    Enjoyed and had great weather Mel 🙂 Lots of moments and adventures too!

    Comment by Mel | September 10, 2009 | Reply

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