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And the dishwasher was full and dinner was ready and all was…..

Starting at the end of the story you see.  The dishwasher is now full and busily doing its thing.  And this time it’s full of water too.

Yesterday, when we had friends to stay the night, Barney was creating wonderful things in the kitchen, as he does, and suddenly appeared to ask if we wanted the bad news?   We looked blank.  The water’s off he said.  Ohhhh! I thought.  And that’s why the dishwasher light was flashing indignantly at me when I told it to start half an hour ago.

So then I’m wondering aloud, “now, what can’t we do?”  Because things often stop working around here. And you get confused. The main thing is you can still have coffee as long as you have some water, even when it’s the power that’s off, because the cooker runs on bottled gas.  In fact there aren’t many things you can’t do apart from washing up. Oh  and flushing the loo and showering and a few etceteras like that.

So there’s the kitchen, bursting at the seams with evidence of Barney’s creative culinary efforts.  And all four of us thinking “I should have gone to the loo before we left the pub”. These things happen and after a bit of rooting around, there comes a cry from me from the larder “I found some water!”  It all begins to feel a bit biblical as if I’d struck oil water in the larder but in fact it’s just a giant water bottle we were given last time the water was cut off : )

So going backwards a bit more, we’d invited two of the lovely people I went to Skye with for dinner and to stay over and taken them to the pub in the afternoon, because they didn’t know Barney and it seemed like a good plan for Barney and the Photo pixie to walk there with the dog while Cuddly lady with the lion’s mane and me drove so that we could all come back by car.  The sun shone (I can’t believe how much it’s been doing that this summer) and it was all very very nice.  (And they were very nice about not being able to flush the loo or anything too).

Even though there was no gin in my apple and mango there's something a bit warm and fuzzy about this

Even though there was no gin in my apple and mango there's something a bit warm and fuzzy about this

Then going back even a bit further, the previous day, Barney and I went to a mini music festival in Reading and were treated to fabulous fast and furious fiddle music as well as dreaming strings from the totally wonderful Feast of Fiddles.  Imagine any number up to seven (four in this case) virtuoso folk fiddlers with bass, guitar, drums and melodion as a backing band and think of sun and breezes and a small field on a summer’s afternoon and you get the idea.  Later we fled from an assault of extreme loudness with no discernible melody but in between there was plenty of nice music.

oops, got carried away by a bit of sky

oops, got carried away by a bit of sky

I think they're all there

Fiddles and band - I think they're all there

Music and dancing

Music and dancing

Loudness and dancing

Loudness and dancing

The upshot is I didn’t get much sleep this weekend at either end of any of the nights and now I’m quite, quite knackered.  the water came back as  Photo Pixie and Lion Lady were leaving so as soon as I’d started the first of four dishwashings, I just crawled upstairs and went to bed for an hour.  Because tonight I’m committed to going to a Newbury Flickr group meet.  And I keep missing them and I really don’t want to miss this one.

It matters not.  What’s a few hours of sleep compared to wonderful music and delightful company?  A mere bagatelle is what I say : )  And now I’m going to go and catch another hour or so.

On the way to the Newbury meet

On the way to the Newbury meet

Oh but I forgot to say, just in case any grass might think of growing under our feet, (there’s a lot of it growing out in the garden but that’s different, being entirely Barney’s department) we’re off on holiday again in a few days.  Canals this time and nowhere more exotic than the country around Birmingham and Wolverhampton – not known for it’s landscapes but on the canals you see a whole different world.

So now (several days later) I’m beginning to think maybe I ought to do a little bit of panicking and quite a lot of list making.  Deflea the dog and hoover his bed and stuff like that.

Sleep well and I hope all your plans are going well.


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  1. how wonderful

    I so love hearing stories about what you’re up to

    and that sky, above the tent!!! wow!!!

    (fantastic red braces, btw!)

    hope the water’s back on soon


    So, so lovely to have you back 🙂
    I )))))))))))))))))))))))
    and now I’m off for a fortnight! Isn’t that typical?
    The braces are great aren’t they : )
    The gorgeous Peter Knight, best folk fiddle ever, was also wearing red braces at the festival – and a blue shirt. Barney was complimented on
    his fiddle playing twice!
    Oh and yes thank you, the water came back.

    Comment by I, Like The View | August 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Ohhhhhh…I was all about the sky after I got a look at those great red suspenders…….AFTER I got a close up of the goosey in the reflection.

    Ohmygosh…..what a beautiful photo collection just in this post.
    And you got to play and dance and entertain with no flushing allowed. *laughing*
    Oh, what a glorious way to spend the day.
    Well………..’cept for the ‘no flushing’ ordeal…….


    Safe journey to you and himself.
    I’ll patiently await the photo journal of the canals.
    k…….maybe not ‘patiently’….LOL You know how I get!

    No flushing is a bad thing Mel but very character forming. ‘course, my character’s pretty well formed by now so there was a good deal of attempting to flush and muttering and giggling 🙂
    I shall so miss you while I’m away. But I’ll think of you being patient and that will keep me going 🙂

    Comment by Mel | August 29, 2009 | Reply

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