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In which the dog hangs himself and the cat takes unfair advantage

Some time ago I bought the dog a new harness for his lead thinking that a lead that stayed on top of his shoulders would make it less easy for him to tie his feet in knots.  This worked fine but today I discovered a new way in which he is able to get himself well and truly knotted!

He was tied up outside the back door so that he could either lie in the sun till he was panting for breath in the heat (his preferred way to spend time out there) or lie in the shade and be cool or wander inside and let me know he’d like to come and pant in here for a while.

Suddenly there was an almighty yowling, gasping, crashing and general mayhem at the back door so I went to have a look and found the poor mutt hung up on the back door bolt by his nice new harness with his paws somehow tangled up in it, practically strangling and helplessly muzzled.  What made it quite a lot worse was that having, apparently, taken leave of her senses or maybe being deeply offended by him blocking the door or perhaps even horrified by his transformation into a heaving, wheezing, gasping obstruction, the cat was attacking him!  Launching herself bodily at his trapped head and attempting to scratch his eyes out or at least his nose and ears off!   Fortunately none of these were really accessible  and even more fortunately, the harness thing has a quick release catch which I quickly released. (giving the cat a quick whack at the same time since I didn’t relish her attacks landing on my tender skin).  Normally more or less polite to each other, dog chased cat ten feet up the drive and cat chased dog back again!  I suppose he felt, reasonably enough,  that trying to kick a dog when he’s hung up is beyond the pale. I suppose she was saying something like “well you shouldn’t behave like that!  It’s not right”.

All seems to be quiet now.  the dog got away with a couple of small scratches and is now lying on the lawn (in the shade as I decided not to give him the option of baking himself silly seing as how he’s just had a shock to his elderly system) and after prowling a bit, the cat has vanished.

(No photos I’m afraid – it seemed marginally more important to unhook him before he expired or lost an eye than to get a shot of his entanglement : )


Meanwhile, what is it about modern technology and beeps?

I am using various electronic things simultaneously – bread-maker, oven-timer, microwave, computer etc etc.

So the oven timer beeps to tell me the quiche needs checking and almost immediately there’s another beep … oops, a text message on the mobile.  From the quitchen kitchen  a small triple beep to let me know I can add stuff to the bread if I want (shut up!).  Back to the phone, but as I turn there’s another beep in the kitchen!  What?  Oh, the potato in the microwave needs turning.  Having burnt all my fingers I head back to the text message only to be hauled back to the kitchen by a frantically beeping oven – the quiche! the quiche! Oh no!  Beep beep!  The potato needs to come out and go in the oven!  Wait wait – the phone (landline) is beeping!

From the dining room a mournful bloop tells me that the mobile phone is tired of waiting and furthermore, its battery is running low. From the kitchen comes a siren beep telling me that…um…er…what is that beep for?????

Eventually everything is done and tucked into the places where they  need to be (that can’t be right grammatically speaking can it?) and I suddenly feel I’m missing something.  I look round the kitchen, the dining room.  Everything in place.  I listen to the silence.

Yep!  you got it 🙂  No beeping!

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