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Roadworks breeding season again

The whole area is littered with warning signs about imminent road closures.  A couple of weeks ago, we were closed while some parts of our road were repaired.  Last week we were closed again while other parts got their turn.  What was odd about it was that they repaired two non-contiguous* sections of road the first time and then the next time they did the bits either side.  But with a different surface.  So now we have a gritted section followed by a tarmac section followed by another gritted section – and so on.  And what made it all the more interesting for us was that one of the joins is at the end of our drive.  Well whatever the reason, the whole of  our road is now smooth and, in places, nearly twice the width it used to be which will make passing other cars much less stressful to us and our tyres and suspension.

Both of us used to work at the Road Research Laboratory a long time ago which may have encouraged us to criticise the fact that they most certainly didn’t dig out the top two layers of road surface to expose the bulky stuff at the bottom but just scraped off  a tiny thickness of tarmac before laying a single thickness of new tarmac and grit.  And while it looks wonderful where they’ve widened it for passing, it surely won’t be long before the nice new surface sinks into the old potholes and ruts underneath.  And indeed, may even fall off the road altogether into ditches and gullies since the widening has damaged a good deal of turf and hedge, along the banks, beyond repair. We’ll enjoy it while it does last though : )

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed at least four other sets of road closure notices set for different dates and I’m trying, quite unsuccessfully, to keep the dates in my head so I won’t spend too much time having to follow unsuitable diversions around the countryside over the next two months.  (I’m always completely convinced that no official diversion follows a sensible route)

On my way into town today I was interestingly delayed by the most enormous slow lorry.  There’s a bridge, somewhere along the main route from the M4 into Newbury which isn’t big enough for enormous vehicles and every so often, such vehicles are diverted along the B Road.  It seemed quite impossible that this one, which looked as though it was as big as a house  (in fact maybe it was a house!) could possibly be persuaded to fit round some of the bends it had to pass but it did.  Also it seems improbable that the twisty little B road is a better alternative than the main road.DSC_7057-1You see that thing on the bend that looks like a wall?  That’s it.  Not its side but its back!

Here’s one for MelDSC_6913-1

: )

DSC_7444_5_6_tm-CS1Early one morning I was up even before Barney!  (briefly – after rushing downstairs to get the camera I went back to bed!   It was very early)

*thanks to photoshop for giving me contiguous.  It’s a potentially useful word.  I’m going to have to look it up though because I’m not sure what is the difference between congruent and contiguous.  But I like them both.

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  1. Whoa.

    Whatever that is–it’s dang near wider than the road. Holy moly. I wonder how they got around curves with hedges and ‘stuff’ …

    But WAY cool tractory thingie. Quite posh, it would seem. But I’m thinkin’ the tires would be useless around this joint.

    Unless of course, it’s not going in the fields.

    What good is a tractor if it stays out of the fields?!
    Wait. I can come up with a few answers for that! LOL

    Very pretty morning you captured. I’d suggest getting up before Barney more often–but I like you. *laughing*

    (((((((((((( Mig )))))))))))))) 😉

    Oh you’re so thoughtful Mel : )
    Well it would certainly give Barney something to think about! I used to be first up in our household when the children had to be got to school – I dimly remember the wonderful peace and quiet which lasted all of five minutes. Then I realised that I could have the same peace and quiet by getting up
    after they’d all gone 🙂

    (It’s a steam roller – not good for fields at all but quite good for flattening roads : )

    Comment by Mel | August 17, 2009 | Reply

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