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A day for useful edits

Eldest told me off for editing comments to make my replies.  I can see what he means in a way – editing someone else’s comment could be considered rude.  And as he pointed out, now wordpress has a reply box.

Well I used it for a while and then all I could see in my side bar was comments from me which I don’t like!  Naturally, I like to see comments from you all : )

So I’m just saying, editing your comments isn’t intended as rudeness – just to make my response personal to you who came and spoke to me.  And I don’t, of course, edit your actual comment at all – just add my reply at the bottom.  And also, I didn’t think anyone so far has been offended : ) But just in case….


We have a curious relationship with our local pub.  When the old place was bought up by a TV celebrity chef it was almost turned into a restaurant pub but the locals made a bit of a fuss about losing their old, friendly pub and the Celeb made promises that he’d keep things welcoming for them.


It was all a bit rocky for quite a while with people abandoning the pub altogether and other people continuing to use it but complaining bitterly about anything they felt wasn’t welcoming enough.  However, what with our youngest working there, first as a barmaid and then gradually working her way through the hierarchy until she was effectively front of house manager, Barney made friends of all the pub staff.  Particularly the kitchen staff.

As a result, our table gets a free, big heap of roast potatoes every Sunday afternoon and all kinds of tasty goodies on a Friday evening – the other day he told me not to give him too much to eat before he goes out on a Friday because he won’t have room for all the salt beef and pickles he’ll get offered!)  I’ve no idea if Mr Celeb knows exactly how much free food goes to keep his regular, old locals happy but it certainly works.  And when chefs leave (which they often do) they always seem to leave a message to ‘look after Barney and his mates’.  Because it’s never long before Barney is deep in conversation with the newcomer about food and cooking and life and knows his complete life history and a plate of some kind of ‘leftovers’ has started arriving on Sundays and fridays.

Anyway, the current front of house manager (Jean Marie, usually called Bain Marie by the locals)  is leaving and he asked if we would play some music in the afternoon for his last day.  So we gathered together a couple of other musicians who weren’t on holiday and sat in the pub garden and played assorted blues and folk and jazz for what seemed like hours – actually, it was, four hours*!  Barney made Bain Marie a chocolate tart which vanished amazingly swiftly, and we got free and delicious pizzas and free drinks (as well as the roast potatoes).  Not bad at al**l!

I do hope Bain Marie has passed on the message to the new person!

Last week, we were there on the Sunday afternoon too.  A different group of musicians were playing and it was all very pleasant and sunny and relaxed.  A number of people expressed interest in my camera and one or two of them even picked it up and took a shot or two.

Rather good ones  what’s more!

Nice coffee they do here.


Youngest was rather taken with the cello


And the fiddle player


So, not to be outdone I took the odd pic too : )

DSC_6700-CSThe cello isn’t really wrapped round the fiddle player’s neck – I should, at least, have stood up to take the photo!

DSC_6765-1-CS copyThere was a certain amount of artless posing too : )


Anyway, today came and I suddenly realised I hadn’t heard from my friend whether or not she’s coming today.  There were postponements and rather inconclusive emails.  So now I don’t know whether to make lunch for her or not.  How extraordinarily stupid of me not to check!

However, the positive side is that I now have two possible dinners for tonight, all prepared in readiness for either lunch with friend and not having enough time later to make this evening’s dinner or friend not coming and therefore dinner tonight and tomorrow!

Further positiveness is that yesterday I took myself and a pair of seriously frayed trousers, of which I am very fond, up to the ‘sewing’ room and sewed them up.  I suspect this is a thing that happens mostly to fat-legged people but the fraying was all around the top of the inner thigh!  Indelicate and not a good place for swift safety pin repairs!  And you know what?  They actually look better than they did before.  However, I mustn’t get any fatter or they also won’t fit any more!

Yea, and while waiting for friend to arrive (or not as the case seems to have turned out), I sent Eldest a whole lot of very useful information and replied to several other emails, which were hanging around, and made a shopping list.

Now I’m going to go and shop!

See you later : )

*A fairly exhausting four hours since either I was carrying the tune or trying to pick up tunes played by Dave and Richard, our companions, who are both excellent guitarists and know a phenomenal number of blues and jazz stuff.  Thing is, blues songs tend to sound pretty much the same when you don’t know them and Dave kept nodding at me to take a solo!  I had to make a number of wild guesses at what the tune was supposed to be!

**What’s more we had a fan!  An elderly Irish gentleman was made very happy by any irish tunes we played and kept coming over to ask for more.  And was, how shall I put it? Charmingly complimentary about my fiddle playing.  In a very Irish way, I think he very nearly kissed me goodbye when we left : )

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  1. OH!!

    Goobery thingies on the whitecup!!
    I feel validated. *laughing laughing laughing*

    Wow….you can hand youngest the camera any time there’s a good looker hangin’ around…….she captured the fiddle player well.

    What a splendid place. And what an awesome deal to have with Barney–I’m sure he is THE local to please. Gosh, I can’t think of a more lovely way to spend a day than soaking in the making music, being in the company of good people and being heaped with good food…..and being near kissed by the Irish tune lover–priceless. LOL

    Makes me wish for similar around these parts.
    Oh wait……there is similar and we took the 26YO there. Himself enjoyed it so much that apparently we’ll be going back.
    Whoda thunk himself would like bluegrass!!!
    Yeah, well….he does….LOL

    Oh Mel, I thought goobers was universal! *laughing too*
    Lots of Brits like bluegrass – we do – I just wish we could play it but we don’t have a banjo player and I’m no bluegrass fiddler, too fast for me : )

    Comment by Mel | August 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh….and absolutely NO offense taken when you add comments. Good grief…..why would it be offensive?

    ((((((((((( Mig )))))))))))) Silly woman….

    Uh uh. Just being a bit polite. I haven’t any intention of changing how I do it since the reply system doesn’t do what I want it to : )
    But (((((((((((((((Mel)))))))))))))))) too anyway : )

    Comment by Mel | August 11, 2009 | Reply

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