Life, photos but not the universe

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man sick and then he dies*

So said my Mum, often.  Sometimes a trifle plaintively.

I have to show you this.  It may be the funniest thing on Utube ever

Ok so it’s 01.17.  I’ve spent an hour worrying about Barney’s vanished website, an hour looking through old drafts for posts and as a result of one of them went out in the dark (as you do) with the dog and nearly fell over the new road works outside the house.  Nutmeg also nearly walked into a road works sign.

So much for my non-wizardly night sight and his nose.

Then I looked at AVG (which keeps irritatingly inviting me to upgrade from good but free to even better but expensive and doesn’t have a ‘don’t send me this message again‘ box) and realised that it hasn’t done a scan since the new computer was set up.  Wasn’t even intending to do any.  It’s doing one now and is nicely scheduled to do some more.

Then I sent Eldest an email about the vanished website with a lot of coded information about passwords and then deleted the bit about passwords because emailing passwords is not sensible.  Even when they’re so heavily disguised that even Eldest probably wouldn’t understand what I was on about.

Then I worried about the cat, my little tabby, who’s getting so thin you can almost see through bits of her.  But she still eats like a horse, catches the odd mouse and runs acrosss the garden after me with her tail in the air like a scraggy litle bottle brush and her coat’s silky and she looks happy even if she does sleep a lot more than she used to.

Then I worried briefly about Barney’s tooth (the one he had out) well not the tooth so much as the gap.  Actually I think it’s healing ok judging by the relative amounts of woe he’s been expressing but he does have a swollen jaw, poor love.

Then I tidied the kitchen.

So I thought, hey I could go to bed early.  (at about 12.45)  After a quick look on Flickr to see how my latest post is doing in the critique site.  And Ooh! There was mention of making diamonds out of lumps of coal!  Which is a very poetic way to say the edited version looks a lot better than the original.  And then I thought I might just write a new post for a bit.   Now it’s nearly 02.00.  And that’s  how it is that I usually don’t go to bed at a sensible time.  First I worry a lot and then I decide I deserve a break and then it’s very late.

Oh well.  AVG has finished the scan.  The computer is ok.

Good night.

Later, while brushing teeth and wondering worriedly, how long it would be before that top, back right-hand one has to come out and whether we’ll ever get a new boiler which would cost the earth but save us lots of money and be better for the environment  as well and moving on to the continuing need for replacements of old things, how long before we’d really have to get another car, I suddenly remembered thinking, much much earlier in the day, how extraordinarily lucky we are.  And realised that all this worrying is just a way of trying to prepare myself in case our lucky, contented, enjoyable life should suddenly take a nosedive.  After all, stuff happens.

Well, a bit of worrying probably keeps you on your toes and doesn’t hurt.  As long as you remember to enjoy each good moment as thoroughly as you can.

Good moments

DSC_0070-CS_filtered-CSNo billy goats under this bridge


DSC_1084-1Looking sideways and a long way down

On the way to the Fairy Pools

DSC_1067-1Fairy stones and turquoise water

DSC_1038-1Ripples in blue

*there used to be some old saw, plainly nonsense, which went

“early to bed and early to rise

mkes a man wealthy, healthy and wise”

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  1. *laughing*

    As a sometimes night owl, I might haffta steal that one and sling it at himself when he grumbles about the hours I’m keeping.
    Might mind you, he’s neurotic and might start staying up til the wee hours thinkin’ it’s about HIM. LOL

    ‘Oh well’ about the night vision. Perhaps it comes and goes–like the worrying can. That’s not an all bad thing (this is what I tell Mr. Neurotic)–it simply means things ‘matter’ to him……and that’s a good thing. (yeah, horrible logic, but he falls for it on many occasions…LOL)

    Lovely photos. I especially like the colours of the water. But then I’m a bit fond of water photos…..and little boats…….and sunsets and fog and flowers and birdies and bugs and…….LOL If they’re yours–I like ’em all!

    Be keeping yourself well, let AVG do what AVG does–and hug ‘he who must be pampered cuz there’s a gap where there use to be a tooth’. You’ll be surprised how far a bit of acknowledgement via a hug goes!

    hugs duly delivered Mel 🙂 He’s feeling much better now 🙂
    Worrying has it’s uses after all, you appreciate so much more when the worries come to nothing!
    Ah! Little boats. I wonder if our dear friend is enjoying them – I think it might have been sunny today 🙂 Ooh, I hope she brings back photos!

    Comment by Mel | August 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. I also enjoyed the pics 🙂

    And I never keep what others would consider sensible hours when it comes to sleep…

    Hi planetcity 🙂 how nice of you to drop in and thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the pics.
    It’s one of the good things about blogging, knowing all those other people are awake in the middle of the night – even if their night isn’t the same as mine 🙂

    Comment by planetcity1 | August 8, 2009 | Reply

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