Life, photos but not the universe

We’ve been serviced!

That is to say, the nice computer man came, investigated, conquered and then gave me lots of useful advice and information and gave the computer a mini service while he was at it.  I think he’s what we used to call a treasure! £30 for the hour he spent here and £30 for the wireless broadband gadget, installed and – as you see – working*.

I suspect that I could have got the wireless thingie for less but now I’ve also got AVG ( £0.00) instead of the Norton monster (anything from £40 to £100), all our email accounts on my laptop so I can check Barney’s email when we next lose the connection with the desktop, lots of useful information and my computer’s been tidied up and should run a bit faster. What’s more, since the whole problem mostly affected the business email rather than my personal one, it’s all classified, quite genuinely, as a business expense so I won’t have to pay for it.

I had to laugh.  Mr Computer Treasure doesn’t use email or computers for himself at all.  He says he sees enough of them at work!

“What a lot of plugs you have down here” he said “must be at least twenty!”  He’s right.  I can’t at all see how I have so many.  There aren’t  that many things connected to the computer I’m sure.  I suspect that I need to get down there again with a torch and find out where all the wires go.  I could maybe get rid of some and rationalise the others.

Oh.  Well I just did a quick count of things connected and there are nineteen.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt to rationalise.

And I’ve had a hair cut too.  (no, not from Mr Treasure – that would be really too good to believe).  My last young hairdresser (they’re all children these days) has gone home to Australia dammit!  So I had a new one who looked even smaller and younger than the absent Australian one.  She didn’t seem to know exactly what I meant by “just trim it exactly the same way it was done before” and she watched me fluff it into a curly looking style and say “that’s how I like it” and then got out her dryer and brush and blew it into a straight and neat style.  Not like me at all.  Annoyingly, Barney says he likes it like this.  I’m afraid he’ll be unlucky.  The minute I have time, it’ll be curly and fluffy again.  But it’s not getting in my eyes and it’ll be reasonably tidy for the family party.

Speaking of which, I really must get down to that housecleaning.  And meanwhile, do something about dinner.

Speaking of that, I have to have a quick whinge.  About non-stick pans. See the theory is, nothing ever sticks to them so you don’t get any burnt on stuff to wash off.  The practice is (in our household anyway) that sooner, or even sooner, someone will succeeed in burning something on to them and then, gradually and inexorably, the non-stick will unstick itself and peel off in unsightly and poisonous shreds into your next fifty or a hundred meals.  And I mean poisonous as in heavy metals and unspeakable chemical bondings.  So when I go out to buy a frying pan (hot!) or a wok (even hotter!) I demand and seek good old-fashioned sticky stainless of the very finest quality.  Well the quality doesn’t matter so much but it’s got to be stick!  And then you can scrape away with metal utensils and toss and fry as hot as you like and nothing nasty will get into your food except that what you put there yourself.  And while we’re on the subject, no non-scratch fish slice or wok thingie-scraper-stirrer is worth its salt.  They don’t get the browned bits off the bottom of a pan before they become black bits and they aren’t ever thin and firm enough to quickly lift a crisp thing off the pan before it becomes a burnt thing.  Usually, they become a burnt and slightly wrinkled thing in the process too.

Picasa is doing a long winded thing which I don’t see the purpose of – I think it may have decided to compact its data base.  I suppose this will be a good thing eventually.  At the moment it’s just a nuisance as I suspect if I try to upload any photos it’ll throw a wobbly and  freeze.  So I shall just say good night.

Good night.

*Actually, you wouldn’t know this if I hadn’t said since I was able to use the laptop but the desktop is ever so much more comfortable and convenient.

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  1. Wow…up and running–19 wires and all. *laughing* What is it with Brits and lots of wires?! Himself’s computer space is a complete wire trap with all these ‘things he might use’. I was thinkin’ of braiding them and tying ribbons on the end. 🙂

    In the meantime, himself is on a quest for a spoon for his wok (steel stick wok, of course). He’s the same issue with the non-stick pans. We had some, of course–when I was cooking, burnt hid the flakes of teflon. And since this was sure to kill him, I was forced to retire from cooking.
    I know, it’s a tragedy. *laughing*

    Would you believe! I’ve just somehow disappeared a whole reply.
    Something like – I do use all my wires but I’d love them braided and beribboned.
    And, um, no. I’ve forgotten the rest. Well, I wonder if I started burning all the dinners, would Barney take over? Somehow I doubt it. He likes to cook. Occasionally 🙂
    Come to think of it, Barney broke the wok spoon last week. So I’m hunting for one too. Wish the Brit luck in his spoon hunt?

    Comment by Mel | July 23, 2009 | Reply

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