Life, photos but not the universe

Prescient or what?

This was written the day before the computer parted company with broadband.  So, am I or am I simply prescient?

Now I’m thinking serious thoughts about a new computer because a) it’s unlikely, even improbable that this one will continue to function for ever and b) because I want a faster one.  And they’re all faster now and bigger (in the virtual sense), than mine ever was.  All those dual core processor thingies and firewires and stuff and hundreds of gigs of memory and all that.  And I’m feeling a bit tempted by Middle Girl’s very tiny laptop thing.  Which would be a very nice and convenient way to back up photos when I’m on holiday.  Hers was a bit cheaper than mine would be but I’d need more hard drive space than she does.  And then, since I only ever use the laptop to take on holiday and back up photos, I could give Barney the old laptop and he could have it upstairs and do all his email and ipod stuff whenever he liked and not on my computer!

Well I’ll have to think some more.  But I’ll have to magically do the thinking before this one crashes or I’ll be a very cross bunny.

Well I did promise some more photos : )

I waited ages in the hope that these people would centre themselves nicely in front of the gap in the mountain but instead they wandered away.  So inconsiderate!



I’ve moved these mountains to my desktop.  I think I can quite happily look at them for a long time : )

Dun Scaich castle at Tokavaig

Dun Scaich castle at Tokavaig

As for this one, there was no time of day it wasn’t a plesure to see.  And since it was at the bottom of the drive, so to speak (and give or take a couple of hours walk), we could look at it almost any time.  In fact, you could see it from almost all over the island : )

Sgurr Nan Gillean

Sgurr Nan Gillean

A nice thing happened the other day, just before the computer broke.  I was leaving the shops and it was pouring with rain.  Two mobility chairs, open to the elements, with a big, solid looking old man driving one of them and a tiny wizened old lady driving the other, went past at considerable speed along the pavement.  Both the old dears were leaning forwards as if to urge their chairs on faster and were clearly laughing fit to bust as their carriages splashed through the puddles up the slope : )  I guess they were indulging in  a very junior moment!

I hope I can have fun i the rain like that when I’m old enough to get my own mobility chair!

‘Night : )  Sleep well.

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  1. I have been sharing your photo’s of skye with a friend, we have both been drooling over them!
    You are so talented!
    was wondering what kind of camera you have?
    I want to play in the rain when i am old and on a scooter!

    Me too, Sorrow the rain and the scooter : ) It made me happy just to see them.
    My camera is a Nikon D80. Which is to say a mid range DSLR. Very nice and sometimes exasperating!
    I’m very happy that you and your friend enjoyed the pictures

    Comment by Sorrow | July 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Definitely a woman with foresight!

    We have three laptops–two in house, the other’s been adopted by the girl. They’re darn handy for roadtrips and emptying out the camera….well, that’s my excuse anyway. Not that a memory card wouldn’t have worked…LOL

    And yup, I’ll be splashing in puddles with my scooter any day now. 😉

    I am envious of your many laptops Mel 🙂 And my single one is for exactly the same thing – emptying the camera when I’m away. But Middle girl’s tiny one would be even better!

    Comment by Mel | July 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh, they’re cute, those tiny ones. And I’m sure easily transported and light weight.
      However–they dont’ support the resolution of some of the programs I run. Which means it’d be cute and easily transported and light weight and…..useless. LOL

      I thought that might be the case Mel. Tiny is lots of fun but…..I guess I’l stick with big for now.

      Comment by Mel | July 23, 2009 | Reply

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